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Monthly Roundup – March 2011

Arrest Nation recorded 49 arrests in March 2011. Here is a closer look at the statistics for March 2011:

Sports Categories (Highest Number of Arrests to Lowest Number of Arrests)

1. College Football23 Arrests (Jonathan Echols, Louis Bland, Rashard Burkette, Terrance Walters, Kejuan Riley, Therrell Tyus, Johri Fogerson, Bradley Burns, Jordan Dewhirst, Jacob Lattimer, Ricky Howard, Brian Linthicum, Max Bullough, Antonio M. Goodwin, Kowaski Q. Kitchens, Michael A. McNeil, Harrison D. Mosley, Alfred Moreland, Evan Ingram, Mark Barron, Michael Floyd, Ramon Buchanan, Xavier Boyce)
2. Pro Football9 Arrests (Shelton Quarles, King Dunlap, Chris Cook, Mario Henderson, Bryan McCann, Joseph Burnett II, Johnny Jolly, Jason Peters, Aqib Talib)
3. College Basketball5 Arrests (Anthony Tucker, Klay Thompson, Tember Marchant, DeAngelo Casto, Chrisstasia Walter)
4. Former3 Arrests (Elijah Dukes 2, Jerramy Stevens 2, Jalen Rose)
T5. College Baseball 2 Arrests (Kirk Dehler, Bryson Smith)
T5. Pro Baseball2 Arrests (Austin Kearns, Coco Crisp)
T5. Sportswriter/ TV Personalities/ Radio Personalities2 Arrests (Harry M. Teinowitz, Jalen Rose)
T6. Action Sports1 Arrest (James “Bubba” Stewart Jr.)
T6. Pro Basketball1 Arrest (Josh Powell)
T6. Rugby1 Arrest (Ben Foden)
T6. Scout1 Arrest (Shelton Quarles)
T6. Track and Field1 Arrest (Regina George)
T6. Wrestling1 Arrest (Kurt Angle)

Teams (Highest Number of Arrests to Lowest Number of Arrests)

T1. Alabama State University – 4 Arrests (Rashard Burkette, Terrance Walters, Kejuan Riley, Therrell Tyus)
T1. Auburn University – 4 Arrests (Antonio M. Goodwin, Kowaski Q. Kitchens, Michael A. McNeil, Harrison D. Mosley)
2. Washington State University – 3 Arrests (Louis Bland, Klay Thompson, DeAngelo Casto)
T3. Iowa State University – 2 Arrests (Jacob Lattimer, Ricky Howard)
T3. Jacksonville University – 2 Arrests (Bradley Burns, Jordan Dewhirst)
T3. Michigan State University – 2 Arrests (Brian Linthicum, Max Bullough)
T3. Philadelphia Eagles – 2 Arrests (King Dunlap, Jason Peters)
T3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 2 Arrests (Shelton Quarles, Aqib Talib)
T3. University of Arkansas – 2 Arrests (Chrisstasia Walter, Regina George)
T4. Atlanta Hawks – 1 Arrest (Josh Powell)
T4. Cleveland Indians – 1 Arrest (Austin Kearns)
T4. College of Mount St. Joseph – 1 Arrest (Jonathan Echols)
T4. Dallas Cowboys – 1 Arrest (Bryan McCann)
T4. Darton College – 1 Arrest (Tember Marchant)
T4. Green Bay Packers – 1 Arrest (Johnny Jolly)
T4. Jackson State University – 1 Arrest (Alfred Moreland)
T4. Minnesota Vikings – 1 Arrest (Chris Cook)
T4. New York Giants – 1 Arrest (Joseph Burnett II)
T4. North Dakota State University – 1 Arrest (Kirk Dehler)
T4. Northampton Saints – 1 Arrest (Ben Foden)
T4. Oakland Athletics – 1 Arrest (Coco Crisp)
T4. Oakland Raiders – 1 Arrest (Mario Henderson)
T4. University of Alabama – 1 Arrest (Mark Barron)
T4. University of Florida – 1 Arrest  (Bryson Smith)
T4. University of Miami – 1 Arrest (Ramon Buchanan)
T4. University of Mississippi – 1 Arrest (Evan Ingram)
T4. University of Notre Dame – 1 Arrest (Michael Floyd)
T4. University of Washington – 1 Arrest (Johri Fogerson)
T4. Virginia Tech or Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University  – 1 Arrest (Xavier Boyce)
T4. Winona State University – 1 Arrest (Anthony Tucker)

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