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Monthly Roundup – June 2011

Arrest Nation recorded 31 arrests/citations in June 2011. Here is a closer look at the statistics for June 2011:

Sports Categories (Highest Number of Arrests to Lowest Number of Arrests)

1. College Football12 Arrests/Citations (Nate Montana, Dennis Thames, Damontre Moore, Calvert “C.J.” Smith, Cliff Harris, Cortez Ash, Deshon Marman, Emanuel Davis, Michael Bowman, DeVonte Holloman, Darius Ashley 2, Tron Martinez)
2. Former8 Arrests (Willy Aybar, Will Hill, Mark Grace, Venoy Overton, Ben Lamaak, Travis Fisher, Daryl Gardener, Jose Ortiz)
3. Pro Football5 Arrests (Jordan Matechuk, Kenny Britt 2, Javarris James, Raheem Brock 2, Akeem Jordan)
T4. College Basketball2 Arrests (Ashley Clarke, Kim Gay)
T4. Pro Basketball2 Arrests (Nate Robinson, DeShawn Stevenson)
T5. Pro Baseball1 Arrest (Mark Grace)
T5. TV Personality1 Arrest (Mark Grace)
T5. Volleyball1 Arrest (Lloy Ball)
T5. College Track and Field1 Arrest (Dumisane Hlaselo)

Teams (Highest Number of Arrests to Lowest Number of Arrests)

1. East Carolina University – 4 Arrests (Emanuel Davis, Michael Bowman, Ashley Clarke, Kim Gay)
T2. Arizona Diamondbacks – 1 Arrest (Mark Grace)
T2. Dallas Mavericks – 1 Arrest (DeShawn Stevenson)
T2. Florida Atlantic University – 1 Arrest (Cortez Ash)
T2. Hamilton Tiger-Cats – 1 Arrest (Jordan Matechuk)
T2. Indianapolis Colts – 1 Arrest (Javarris James)
T2. Marshall University – 1 Arrest (Tron Martinez)
T2. Mississippi State University – 1 Arrest (Dennis Thames)
T2. Oklahoma City Thunder – 1 Arrest (Nate Robinson)
T2. Philadelphia Eagles – 1 Arrest (Akeem Jordan)
T2. Savannah State University – 1 Arrest (Calvert “C.J.” Smith)
T2. Seattle Seahawks – 1 Arrest (Raheem Brock 2)
T2. Tennessee Titans – 1 Arrest (Kenny Britt 2)
T2. Texas A&M University – 1 Arrest (Damontre Moore)
T2. United States Volleyball – 1 Arrest (Lloy Ball)
T2. University of Florida – 1 Arrest  (Dumisane Hlaselo)
T2. University of Louisville – 1 Arrest (Darius Ashley 2)
T2. University of Montana – 1 Arrest (Nate Montana)
T2. University of New Mexico – 1 Arrest (Deshon Marman)
T2. University of Oregon – 1 Citation (Cliff Harris)
T2. University of South Carolina – 1 Arrest (DeVonte Holloman)

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