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Monthly Roundup – August 2011

Arrest Nation recorded 58 arrests/citations in August 2011. Here is a closer look at the statistics for August 2011:

Sports Categories (Highest Number of Arrests to Lowest Number of Arrests)

1. College Football29 Arrests/Citations (Marquis McNeal, Jonathan Miller, Bryce Givens, De’Ante Saunders, Kyle Mangan, Christian Scott, Vershon Moore, Conner Hamlett, Tyler Perry, Will Storey, Joe Lopez, Elliott Alford, Randall Mackey, Jamal Mosley, Jonathan Miller, Benjamin Heeney, Deshaun Sands 2, Latrell Scott, Jordan Jefferson, Joshua Johns, Aaron Brown, Darius Bright, James Skelton, Zach Tiedgen, Kenny Browder, Jon Halapio, Troy Evans, Asa Chapman, Kavario Middleton)
2. Former10 Arrests (Darius Miles, Jereme Richmond, Jimmy King, Kyle Davies, Jermaine Lewis, LeRon Furr, Ralph Sampson, JoJuan Armour, Javaris Crittenton, Tracy Slocum)
3. College Basketball5 Arrests (Kaylon Williams, Courtney “CJ” Melvin, Tommie McCune, Darius Morales, Jasmine Malone)
T4. Pro Football2 Arrests (Rhett Bomar, Matt Prater)
T5. Coach1 Arrest (Latrell Scott)
T5. College Baseball1 Arrest (Cordarian Robertson)
T5. College Golf1 Arrest (Connor McNicholas)
T5. College Lacrosse1 Arrest (Logan Tousaw)
T5. College Wrestling1 Arrest (Andrew Long)
T5. Front Office1 Arrest (Robin O’Connor)
T5. Horse Racing1 Arrest (Calvin Borel)
T5. Mixed Martial Arts1 Arrest (Jason Miller)
T5. Pro Basketball1 Arrest (Kendrick Perkins)
T5. Pro Hockey1 Arrest (Sean Avery)
T5. Soccer1 Arrest (Nile Ranger)
T5. Track and Field1 Arrest (Jeremy Dodson)
T5. Wrestling1 Arrest (Matt Hardy)

Teams (Highest Number of Arrests to Lowest Number of Arrests)

1. Oregon State University – 4 Citations (Conner Hamlett, Tyler Perry, Will Storey, Joe Lopez)
T2. Colorado State University – 2 Arrests (James Skelton, Zach Tiedgen)
T2. East Carolina University – 2 Arrests (Courtney “CJ” Melvin, Darius Morales)
T2. Louisiana State University – 2 Arrests (Jordan Jefferson, Joshua Johns)
T2. Syracuse University – 2 Arrests (Jonathan Miller, Logan Tousaw)
T2. University of Florida – 2 Arrests/Citations  (De’Ante Saunders, Jon Halapio)
T2. University of Hawaii – 2 Arrests (Aaron Brown, Darius Bright)
T2. University of Kansas – 2 Arrests (Benjamin Heeney, Deshaun Sands 2)
T2. University of Mississippi – 2 Arrests (Randall Mackey, Jamal Mosley)
T3. Colorado State University-Pueblo – 1 Citation (Marquis McNeal)
T3. Denver Broncos – 1 Arrest (Matt Prater)
T3. Hutchinson Community College – 1 Arrest (Elliott Alford)
T3. Liberty University – 1 Arrest (Asa Chapman)
T3. Marshall University – 1 Arrest (Troy Evans)
T3. Minnesota Vikings – 1 Arrest (Rhett Bomar)
T3. Missouri State University – 1 Arrest (Jasmine Malone)
T3. New York Rangers – 1 Arrest (Sean Avery)
T3. Newcastle United – 1 Arrest (Nile Ranger)
T3. Oklahoma City Thunder - 1 Arrest (Kendrick Perkins)
T3. Pennsylvania State University – 1 Arrest (Andrew Long)
T3. San Francisco Giants – 1 Arrest (Robin O’Connor)
T3. Savannah State University – 1 Arrest (Cordarian Robertson)
T3. Temple University – 1 Arrest (Connor McNicholas)
T3. Texas A&M University – 1 Arrest (Kyle Mangan)
T3. University of Colorado – 1 Arrest (Bryce Givens)
T3. University of Montana – 1 Arrest (Kavario Middleton)
T3. University of Oklahoma – 1 Arrest (Jonathan Miller)
T3. University of Richmond – 1 Arrest (Latrell Scott)
T3. University of Texas – 1 Arrest (Christian Scott)
T3. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee – 1 Arrest (Kaylon Williams)
T3. University of Wyoming – 1 Arrest (Kenny Browder)
T3. Washburn University – 1 Arrest (Vershon Moore)
T3. West Virginia University – 1 Arrest (Tommie McCune)

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