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Monthly Roundup – September 2011

Arrest Nation recorded 51 arrests/citations in September 2011. Here is a closer look at the statistics for September 2011:

Sports Categories (Highest Number of Arrests to Lowest Number of Arrests)

1. College Football16 Arrests/Citations (Damaris Johnson, Jamie Smith, Jake Irwin, Cooper Kerns, Donnie Jennert, Walker Lee Woods, Tristen Holt, Dee Finley, Kevin Haplea, Ronnie Tyler, Troy Hatton, Keyon Reed, Chris Hughes, Greg Reid, Robert Steele, Londell Taylor)
2. Former12 Arrests (Chris Jennings, Paul Hamm, Carl Everett, Manny Ramirez, Curtis Leskanic, Matt Hardy 2, Matt Hardy 3, Denny McLain, Tate George, Lily Ramirez, Milton Bradley 2, Al Unser Jr.)
3. College Basketball8 Arrests (Rayvonte Rice, Kurt Alexander, Kenneth Horton, J.T. Terrell, Jamaal Franklin, Ike Azotam, James Johnson, Andre Cornelius)
T4. Coach2 Arrests (Paul Hamm, Troy Hatton)
T4. Pro Basketball2 Arrests (Marcus Camby, Ben Wallace)
T4. Pro Football2 Arrests (Kevin Ogletree, Tyrell Johnson)
T4. Soccer2 Arrests (Mignane Diouf, Titus Bramble 2)
T4. Wrestling2 Arrests (Kurt Angle, Jimmy Uso)
T5. Pro Baseball1 Arrest (Bubba Starling)
T5. Boxing1 Arrest (Paul Spadafora)
T5. College Lacrosse1 Arrest (Adam Agostini)
T5. College Tennis1 Arrest (Corey Griffin)
T5. Horse Racing1 Arrest (Kent Desormeaux)
T5. Minor League Baseball1 Arrest (Archie Gilbert)
T5. Pro Hockey1 Arrest (Dustin Byfuglien)

Teams (Highest Number of Arrests to Lowest Number of Arrests)

T1. Drake University – 2 Arrests (Rayvonte Rice, Kurt Alexander)
T1. Iowa State University – 2 Arrests (Donnie Jennert, Walker Lee Woods)
T1. Quinnipiac University – 2 Arrests (Ike Azotam, James Johnson)
T1. University of North Alabama – 2 Arrests (Corey Griffin, Robert Steele)
T2. Central Connecticut State University - 1 Arrest (Kenneth Horton)
T2. College of the Desert – 1 Arrest (Jamie Smith)
T2. Dallas Cowboys – 1 Arrest (Kevin Ogletree)
T2. Detroit Pistons – 1 Arrest (Ben Wallace)
T2. Florida State University – 1 Arrest (Greg Reid)
T2. George Mason University – 1 Arrest (Andre Cornelius)
T2. Harrisburg Senators – 1 Arrest (Archie Gilbert)
T2. Kansas City Royals – 1 Citation (Bubba Starling)
T2. Minnesota Vikings – 1 Arrest (Tyrell Johnson)
T2. Mississippi State University - 1 Arrest (Chris Hughes)
T2. Montreal Impact – 1 Arrest (Mignane Diouf)
T2. Ohio State University – 1 Arrest (Paul Hamm)
T2. Pennsylvania State University – 1 Citation (Kevin Haplea)
T2. Portland Trail Blazers – 1 Arrest (Marcus Camby)
T2. San Diego State University – 1 Arrest (Jamaal Franklin)
T2. Sunderland Association Football Club – 1 Arrest (Titus Bramble 2)
T2. Texas Christian University – 1 Arrest (Adam Agostini)
T2. University of Florida – 1 Arrest (Dee Finley)
T2. University of Kansas – 1 Arrest (Cooper Kerns)
T2. University of Maryland – 1 Arrest (Ronnie Tyler)
T2. University of Missouri – 1 Arrest (Tristen Holt)
T2. University of New Mexico – 1 Arrest (Troy Hatton)
T2. University of Oklahoma – 1 Arrest (Londell Taylor)
T2. University of Tennessee at Chattanooga – 1 Arrest (Keyon Reed)
T2. University of Tulsa – 1 Arrest (Damaris Johnson)
T2. University of Wisconsin – Madison – 1 Arrest (Jake Irwin)
T2. Wake Forest University – 1 Arrest (J.T. Terrell)
T2. Winnipeg Jets – 1 Arrest (Dustin Byfuglien)

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