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Monthly Roundup – November 2011

Arrest Nation recorded 25 arrests/citations in November 2011.

Here is a closer look at the statistics for November 2011:

Sports Categories (Highest Number of Arrests to Lowest Number of Arrests)

1. College Football13 Arrests (Malik “Fig” James, Ryan White, Stephen Good, Demetrius Goode, Matt Huene, Lance Guidry, Kenneth Knight, Jordan Frysinger, Marvin Robinson, Andre Simmons, Gary Pinkel, Ross Evans, Austin Vincent)
T2. Coach3 Arrests (Lance Guidry, Tara Earl, Gary Pinkel)
T2. College Basketball3 Arrests (Justin Leemow, Rachel Vigers, Demetrius Treadwell)
T2. Pro Football3 Arrests/Citations (Lawrence Wilson, Julian Edelman, Erik Walden)
T2. Former3 Arrests (Jerry Sandusky, Leonard Tyrell Young, Patrick Pinkney)
T3. Pro Basketball1 Arrest (R.C. Buford)
T3. College Baseball1 Arrest (Cody Stiles)
T3. College Rugby1 Arrest (Tara Earl)
T3. Front Office1 Arrest (R.C. Buford)

Teams (Highest Number of Arrests to Lowest Number of Arrests)

1. University of Illinois – 2 Arrests  (Kenneth Knight, Jordan Frysinger)
T2. Austin Peay State University – 1 Arrest (Ryan White)
T2. Carolina Panthers – 1 Citation (Lawrence Wilson)
T2. Green Bay Packers – 1 Arrest (Erik Walden)
T2. New England Patriots - 1 Arrest (Julian Edelman)
T2. North Carolina Central University – 1 Arrest (Justin Leemow)
T2. Purdue University – 1 Arrest (Matt Huene)
T2. San Antonio Spurs - 1 Arrest (R.C. Buford)
T2. Texas Christian University – 1 Arrest (Ross Evans)
T2. University of Akron – 1 Arrest (Demetrius Treadwell)
T2. University of Colorado – 1 Arrest (Austin Vincent)
T2. University of Michigan - 1 Arrest (Marvin Robinson)
T2. University of Missouri – 1 Arrest (Gary Pinkel)
T2. University of Nevada – 1 Arrest (Malik “Fig” James)
T2. University of North Alabama - 1 Arrest (Demetrius Goode)
T2. University of North Carolina – 1 Arrest (Cody Stiles)
T2. University of Oklahoma - 1 Arrest (Stephen Good)
T2. University of Southern Mississippi – 1 Arrest (Rachel Vigers)
T2. Utah State University – 1 Arrest (Tara Earl)
T2. Vanderbilt University – 1 Arrest (Andre Simmons)
T2. Western Kentucky University – 1 Arrest (Lance Guidry)

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