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Jamaal Bass Indicted

Photo via niuhuskies.com

Name: Jamaal Bass
Team: Northern Illinois University (College Football)
Charges: Felonious Assault, Misdemeanor Assault

Northern Illinois University linebacker Jamaal Bass was indicted Friday (March 16, 2012) in Lucas County, Ohio.

Bass, a freshman, was indicted for hitting University of Toledo band members exiting the field before a November 2012 football game. On a recording of the incident, Bass can be seen jumping shoulder-first into the face of a band member and knocking over another as his team ran onto the field as the band exited. The band members received concussions. Bass was suspended three games following the incident.

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One Response to Jamaal Bass Indicted

  1. Ed Safranek says:

    Why did the Hamilton County prosecutor ignore the assault that happened in the UC vs. Xavier game earlier this year? Sure it was player to player and not a band member or a fan. But kicking someone on the ground is cowardly and deadly serious. Would the prosecutor have treated the case the same if it had happened on a playground or does UC and Xavier deserve special treatment? Coaches need to teach players to play the game with passion but with poise or get into another profession and it begins in the high schools.

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