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March 2012 Monthly Roundup

Arrest Nation recorded 70 arrests/citations/charges in March 2012. Here is a closer look at the statistics for March 2012:

Sports Categories (Highest Number of Arrests to Lowest Number of Arrests)

1. College Football29 Arrests/Charges (Jimmy Speros, Sekope Kaufusi, Josh Huff, Simione Vehikite, Jourdon Grandon, Fabbians Ebbele, Eric Bender, Jared Tevis, Justin Staples, Ge’Shun HarrisPierce Richardson, Justin Washington, Jace Amaro, Kenny Williams, Branden Smith, Ashton Glaser 2, Jason Peacock, J.J. Worton, Jamaal Bass, Telvion Clark, Jaryd Rudolph, Shawn Oakman, Dontrell Onuoha, Darion Howard, Cayman Shutter, Bobby Henderson, Cameren Jones, Carl Fleming)
2. College Basketball15 Arrests/Citations/Charges (Lamont Austin, John Groover, Landon Clement, Glen Rice Jr., London Warren, Kent Bazemore, Ari Stewart, Pat Forsythe, Jonathan Holton)
3. Former10 Arrests (Marcus Vick, Orson Charles, Jacob Lattimer, Bruce Irvin, Andre Cornelius, Tommie McCune, Jonathan Holton 2, Malcolm Beyah, Erving Walker, Ryan Leaf)
4. Pro Football5 Arrests/Citations/Charges (Ndamukong Suh, Samson Satele, Jarriel King, Sarah Jones, Koa Misi)
5. Pro Baseball4 Arrests (Alex White, Eric Langill, Matt Bush, Bobby Jenks)
T6. College Wrestling2 Arrests (Zachary Skates, Cole Welter)
T7. Coach1 Arrests (Russell Hunt)
T7. College Baseball1 Arrest (Ethan Carter)
T7. College Swimming & Diving1 Arrest (Russell Hunt)
T7. Golf1 Arrest (Rachel Connor)
T7. Soccer1 Arrest (Nile Ranger 3)

Teams (Highest Number of Arrests to Lowest Number of Arrests)

1. Marquette University – 6 Citations (Todd Mayo, Vander Blue, Jamail Jones, Juan Anderson, Derrick Wilson, Jake Thomas)
2. University of Arizona – 5 Arrests (Jourdon Grandon, Fabbians Ebbele, Eric Bender, Jared Tevis, Justin Washington)
T3. Georgia Tech or Georgia Institute of Technology – 2 Arrests/Charges (Glen Rice Jr., London Warren)
T3. Presbyterian College – 2 Arrests (Bobby Henderson, Cameren Jones)
T3. Texas Tech University – 2 Arrests (Jace Amaro, Kenny Williams)
T3. University of Southern California – 2 Arrests (Simione Vehikite, Ari Stewart)
T4. Boston College – 1 Charge (Jaryd Rudolph)
T4. Boston Red Sox - 1 Arrest (Bobby Jenks)
T4. Cincinnati Bengals – 1 Charge (Sarah Jones)
T4. Colorado Rockies – 1 Arrest (Alex White)
T4. Detroit Lions – 1 Citation (Ndamukong Suh)
T4. Iowa State University – 1 Arrest (Pierce Richardson)
T4. Lurleen B. Wallace Community College – 1 Arrest (John Groover)
T4. Marshall University – 1 Arrest (Russell Hunt)
T4. Miami Dolphins – 1 Arrest (Koa Misi)
T4. Morehead State University – 1 Arrest (Lamont Austin)
T4. New York Mets – 1 Arrest (Eric Langill)
T4. Newcastle United – 1 Arrest (Nile Ranger 3)
T4. North Carolina Central University – 1 Arrest (Landon Clement)
T4. Northern Illinois University – 1 Charge (Jamaal Bass)
T4. Oklahoma State University – 1 Arrest (Zachary Skates)
T4. Old Dominion University – 1 Arrest (Kent Bazemore)
T4. Pennsylvania State University – 1 Charge (Shawn Oakman)
T4. San Diego State University – 1 Charge (Dontrell Onuoha)
T4. Seattle Seahawks – 1 Arrest (Jarriel King)
T4. Tampa Bay Rays – 1 Arrest (Matt Bush)
T4. University of Arkansas – 1 Arrest (Jason Peacock)
T4. University of Central Florida – 1 Arrest (J.J. Worton)
T4. University of Georgia – 1 Arrest (Branden Smith)
T4. University of Hawaii – 1 Arrest (Cayman Shutter)
T4. University of Minnesota – 1 Arrest (Ge’Shun Harris)
T4. University of Missouri - 1 Arrest (Ashton Glaser 2)
T4. University of Northern Iowa - 1 Arrest (Darion Howard)
T4. University of Oregon – 1 Arrest (Josh Huff)
T4. University of Pittsburgh – 1 Arrest (Carl Fleming)
T4. University of Rhode Island – 1 Arrest (Jonathan Holton)
T4. University of Richmond – 1 Arrest (Jimmy Speros)
T4. University of South Carolina - 1 Arrest (Ethan Carter)
T4. Virginia Tech or Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University - 1 Arrest (Telvion Clark)
T4. Wartburg College – 1 Arrest (Cole Welter)
T4. Washington State University – 1 Arrest (Sekope Kaufusi)
T4. West Virginia University – 1 Arrest (Pat Forsythe)

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