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Chandler Gayton Arrested

Photo via khq.com

Name: Chandler Gayton
Team: Eastern Washington University (College Football)
Charges: Drawing and Intimidating With a Weapon at a Police Officer, Possession of a Firearm in a Bar

Eastern Washington University safety Chandler Gayton was arrested Friday (May 11, 2012) morning in Cheney, Washington.

Gayton was arrested after he allegedly drew a gun on police.

Gayton, 21, was dismissed from the team after this incident.

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4 Responses to Chandler Gayton Arrested

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  2. Caring college mother says:

    Cheney police have absolutely NO FRICKIN clue how to handle Any Incident with any college student situation of any kind. From Rape to threatening Roommate situations, to domestic situations. I have had to go through them all and the policemen are like junior academy kids. Just ask any parent who has had a four year student there. They have NO understanding

    • Caring college mother says:

      Oh I bet you don’t post what truth I wrote. But if I had to do college for my child again it would never be in Cheney. The police again have no domestic training or rape training OR ANY FOLLOW THROUGH OF ANY KIND. Thank god my kid graduates in a few weeks. Amen….

      • Jim says:

        He pulled a gun on the police. If he had been any other place int he country he, would have been dead. There is no reason to carry a gun into a public place, other that to get into trouble. Sounds like poor parenting, to me.

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