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May 2012 Monthly Roundup

Arrest Nation recorded 42 arrests/citations/charges in May 2012. Here is a closer look at the statistics for May 2012:

Sports Categories (Highest Number of Arrests to Lowest Number of Arrests)

1. College Football30 Arrests/Citations (Calvin Barnett, Darrell Montese Overton, Tommy Rees, Carlo Calabrese, Sammy Watkins, Montee Ball, Jamal Woodyard, Alex Okafor, Kenneth Vaccaro, Barrett Matthews, Antavian Edison, Dearco Nolan, Lawrence Burl, Darwin Cook, Terence Garvin, Ra’Shede Hageman, Malcolm Marable, Chandler Gayton, Marquel Wade, Maudrecus HumphreyAndrew Peterson, Trovon Reed, Corbin Berkstresser, Leon Orr, DaVaris Daniels, Henry Frazier III, Christian Littlehead, Jordan Poyer, Cameron Clear, Will Campbell)
2. Coach3 Arrests (Larry Ray, Henry Frazier III, Nate Baker)
T3. Pro Football2 Arrests (Darrius Heyward-Bey, Nick Fairley)
T3. College Basketball2 Arrests (Tony Kimbro, Donte’ Williams)
T4. College Soccer1 Arrest (Amadou Dia)
T4. College Softball1 Arrest (Larry Ray)
T4. College Track and Field1 Arrest (Gray Horn)
T4. College Wrestling1 Arrest (Nate Baker)
T4. Former1 Arrest (Wesley Witherspoon)
T4. Pro Baseball1 Arrest (Aroldis Chapman)
T4. Pro Basketball1 Arrest (J.R. Smith)
T4. Soccer1 Arrest (Wilman Conde)

Teams (Highest Number of Arrests to Lowest Number of Arrests)

T1. University of Arkansas – 3 Arrests (Marquel Wade, Maudrecus HumphreyAndrew Peterson)
T1. University of Notre Dame – 3 Arrests/Citations (Tommy Rees, Carlo Calabrese, DaVaris Daniels)
T1. University of Texas – 3 Arrests (Alex Okafor, Kenneth Vaccaro, Barrett Matthews)
T2. Clemson University – 2 Arrests (Sammy Watkins, Amadou Dia)
T2. Oklahoma State University – 2 Arrests (Calvin Barnett, Christian Littlehead)
T2. Oregon State University – 2 Arrests (Malcolm Marable, Jordan Poyer)
T2. University of Florida – 2 Arrests/Citations (Gray Horn, Leon Orr)
T2. West Virginia University – 2 Arrests (Darwin Cook, Terence Garvin)
T3. Auburn University – 1 Arrest (Trovon Reed)
T3. Cincinnati Reds – 1 Arrest (Aroldis Chapman)
T3. Detroit Lions – 1 Arrest (Nick Fairley)
T3. East Carolina University – 1 Arrest (Darrell Montese Overton)
T3. Eastern Washington University – 1 Arrest (Chandler Gayton)
T3. Georgia State University – 1 Arrest (Tony Kimbro)
T3. Middle Tennessee State University – 1 Arrest (Dearco Nolan)
T3. Minnesota State University Moorhead – 1 Arrest (Nate Baker)
T3. New York Knicks – 1 Arrest (J.R. Smith)
T3. New York Red Bulls – 1 Arrest (Wilman Conde)
T3. North Carolina Central University – 1 Arrest (Henry Frazier III)
T3. Oakland Raiders – 1 Arrest (Darrius Heyward-Bey)
T3. Purdue University – 1 Arrest (Antavian Edison)
T3. Tulane University – 1 Arrest (Lawrence Burl)
T3. University of Arizona – 1 Arrest (Larry Ray)
T3. University of Georgia – 1 Arrest (Donte’ Williams)
T3. University of Michigan – 1 Arrest (Will Campbell)
T3. University of Minnesota – 1 Arrest (Ra’Shede Hageman)
T3. University of Missouri - 1 Arrest (Corbin Berkstresser)
T3. University of Southern Mississippi – 1 Arrest (Jamal Woodyard)
T3. University of Tennessee – 1 Arrest (Cameron Clear)
T3. University of Wisconsin – Madison – 1 Arrest (Montee Ball)

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