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January 2013 Monthly Roundup

Arrest Nation recorded 29 arrests/citations/charges in January 2013. Here is a closer look at the statistics for January 2013:

Sports Categories (Highest Number of Arrests to Lowest Number of Arrests)

1. College Basketball – 7 Arrests (Will Egolf, Eugene Lawrence, Luke Martinez, Mac McConnell, Harold Doby, Emery Coleman, Farad Cobb)
2. Pro Football – 6 Arrests (Robert Sands, Rolando McClain 2, Chris Rainey 2, Andre Smith, Jay Ratliff, Leroy Hill 2)
3. College Football – 5 Arrests (James Wilder Jr. 3T.J. James, Jessamen Dunker, Ben Heeney, Leon Brooks)
4. College Baseball – 4 Arrests (Colin Poche, Adam Meyer, Trey Whaley, Taylor Childers)
5. Former – 3 Arrests (Latrell Sprewell, Elijah Dukes 6, Kwame Harris)
6. Pro Baseball – 2 Arrests/Citations (Sergio Romo, Justin Sellers)
T7. Coach – 1 Arrest (Mac McConnell)
T7. Pro Basketball – 1 Arrest (Ty Lawson)
T7. Soccer – 1 Arrest (Nile Ranger)

Teams (Highest Number of Arrests to Lowest Number of Arrests)

T1. Cincinnati Bengals – 2 Arrests (Robert Sands, Andre Smith)
T1. University of Arkansas – 2 Arrests (Colin Poche, Adam Meyer)
T2. Augusta State University – 1 Arrest (Harold Doby)
T2. Bradley University – 1 Arrest (Will Egolf)
T2. Dallas Cowboys – 1 Arrest (Jay Ratliff)
T2. Denver Nuggets – 1 Arrest (Ty Lawson)
T2. East Central University – 1 Arrest (Mac McConnell)
T2. Florida State University – 1 Arrest (James Wilder Jr. 3)
T2. Hamline University – 1 Arrest (Eugene Lawrence)
T2. Los Angeles Dodgers – 1 Arrest (Justin Sellers)
T2. Newcastle United – 1 Arrest (Nile Ranger)
T2. New Mexico State University – 1 Arrest (Emery Coleman)
T2. Oakland Raiders – 1 Arrest (Rolando McClain 2)
T2. Oklahoma State University – 1 Arrest (Trey Whaley)
T2. Pittsburgh Steelers - 1 Arrest (Chris Rainey 2)
T2. San Francisco Giants - 1 Citation (Sergio Romo)
T2. Seattle Seahawks – 1 Arrest (Leroy Hill 2)
T2. Spartanburg Methodist College – 1 Arrest (Taylor Childers)
T2. University of Florida - 1 Arrest (Jessamen Dunker)
T2. University of Kansas – 1 Arrest (Ben Heeney)
T2. University of Kentucky – 1 Arrest (T.J. James)
T2. University of Tennessee at Chattanooga – 1 Arrest (Farad Cobb)
T2. University of Wyoming – 1 Arrest (Luke Martinez)
T2. Washington State University – 1 Arrest (Leon Brooks)

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