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Shaun White Arrested

Photo via fox8.com

Name: Shaun White
Known For: Professional Snowboarder and Skateboarder
Charges: Public Intoxication, Vandalism

Professional snowboarder and skateboarder Shaun White was arrested Monday (September 17, 2012) in Nashville, Tennessee.

White, 26, was arrested at a Nashville hotel after allegedly destroying a hotel phone and pulling a fire alarm, which forced an evacuation of the the entire hotel. White tried to leave the hotel in a cab but was stopped by a hotel guest who told the cab driver that police had been called. White kicked at the man and ran away. The man chased him and they eventually collided when White turned around. White fell back and hit his head against a fence, causing a black eye.

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James “Bubba” Stewart Jr. Arrested

Photo via espn.com

Name: James “Bubba” Stewart Jr.
Known For: Professional Motorcross Racer (Supercross Series)
Charge: Impersonating a Police Officer (Felony)

Professional motorcross racerĀ James “Bubba” Stewart Jr. was arrested Monday (March 29, 2011) in Orlando, Florida.

Stewart was driving his vehicle when he approached another vehicle with two off-duty Florida state troopers and an off-duty Osceola County sheriff’s deputy. Stewart turned on red-and-blue flashing lights on his dashboard and the other vehicle pulled to the side of the road. When the vehicle Stewart was driving pulled alongside the other vehicle, one of the troopers in the other vehicle identified himself as law enforcement, and Stewart sped off. Police were called and Stewart along with his passenger, 44-year-old Quinalt Thames Jehrrod, were arrested at Orlando International Airport. Police found the lights in Jehrrod’s luggage.

Stewart, 25, was later released on bond.


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