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Tara Earl Arrested

Photo via deseretnews.com

Name: Tara Earl
Team: Utah State University (College Rugby)
Charge: 4 Counts Unlawful Sexual Conduct

Utah State University women’s rugby coach Tara Earl was arrested Thursday (November 10, 2011) in Lehi, Utah.

Earl, 29, was arrested for allegedly having unlawful sexual conduct with a 17-year-old girl. Earl started a relationship with the girl in November of 2010. Earl became the coach in September 2011.

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Jacob Hetzer, Michael Boyd, Rithichai Phothisuk, Joel Zollars Arrested

Photo via pennrelaysonline.com

Names: Jacob Hetzer, Michael Boyd, Rithichai Phothisuk, Joel Zollars
Team: California University of Pennsylvania (College Rugby)
Charges: Simple Assault, Criminal Trespass, Burglary, Harassment, Recklessly Endangering Another Person, Disorderly Conduct

California University of Pennsylvania rugby players Jacob Hetzer, Michael Boyd, Rithichai Phothisuk and Joel Zollars were arrested Friday (Ocotber 21, 2011) in California, Pennsylvania.

The four men were arrested after an alleged assault at a fraternity house. The men entered the house uninvited and started a fight at around 3 a.m. The men knocked one victim down and punched him and kicked him in the face and punched another victim in the head repeatedly.


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