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Garrett Patton Arrested

Photo via broncosports.com

Name: Garrett Patton
Team: Boise State University (College Tennis)
Charges: Public Intoxication, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Illegal Consumption of Alcohol, Resisting or Obstructing Officers

Boise State University tennis player Garrett Patton was arrested early Saturday (June 16, 2012) morning in Boise, Idaho.

Patton, 19, was arrested around 3 a.m. after he allegedly tried to enter the front door of a residence. Police found marijuana and a marijuana pipe in Patton’s backpack.

Garrett is the son of Boise State men’s tennis coach Greg Patton.

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Luka Stanic Arrested

Photo via winthropeagles.com

Name: Luka Stanic
Team: Winthrop University (College Tennis)
Charge: Assault and Battery

Winthrop University tennis player Luka Stanic was arrested Thursday (March 29, 2012) in South Carolina.

Stanic, 21, was arrested after he allegedly beat up another player on the team. Stanic, a teammate and another student were in a parking lot on Wednesday (March 28, 2012) night when an argument broke out. Stanic allegedly punched the teammate several times, knocking him unconscious. The victim was treated at the hospital for a possible broken nose.

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Corey Griffin Arrested

Photo via waff.com

Name: Corey Griffin
Team: University of North Alabama (College Tennis)
Charges: First-Degree Rape, First-Degree Sodomy

University of North Alabama tennis player Corey Griffin was arrested Monday (September 13, 2011) in Florence, Alabama.

Griffin was arrested for allegedly raping a 20-year-old woman. Griffin called the woman ask for a ride home from a party because he was too drunk to drive. When she pulled into his driveway, he assaulted her.

Griffin, 20, was later released on $100,000 bond.


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