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Nikki Box Charged

Name: Nikki Box
Team: Ball State University (Women’s College Volleyball)
Charge: Battery Resulting in Bodily Injury

Ball State University volleyball player Nikki Box was charged (August 6, 2013) in Delaware County, Indiana.

Box was charged after she allegedly struck another girl several times with a closed fist on August 5. The incident was allegedly triggered by an argument that started online between Box and her accuser.

Box, 18, was suspended from the team following this incident.

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James Watson, Tyler Tucci, Gabrielle Davis Arrested

Names: James Watson, Tyler Tucci, Gabrielle Davis
Watson – West Liberty University
Tucci – West Liberty University (College Football)
Davis – West Liberty University (College Volleyball)
Watson – Obstruction, Battery on an Officer
Tucci, Davis – Obstructing

West Liberty University Athletic Director James Watson, football player Tyler Tucci and volleyball player Gabrielle Davis were arrested Saturday (March 2, 2013) night in Charleston, South Carolina.

The arrests came during a celebration at the team’s hotel following a conference championship victory by the men’s basketball team. The party allegedly got out of control and a fight broke out.

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Anna Padezanin, Hannah Dederick, Sara Bane Arrested

Photos via landerbearcats.com (Left to Right: Padezanin, Dederick, Bane)

Names: Anna Padezanin, Hannah Dederick, Sara Bane
Team: Lander University (College Volleyball)
Charges: Shoplifting

Lander University volleyball players Anna Padezanin, Hannah Dederick, and Sara Bane were arrested Wednesday (August 29, 2012) in Greenwood, South Carolina.

The women were arrested after they were seen shoplifting various items from a Walmart. The items had an estimated worth of more than $160 and they women were each found to have some of the various stolen items.

Padezanin, 19, Dederick, 20, and Bane, 18, were suspended from the team after this incident.

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Sarah Meister Arrested

Photo via mutigers.com

Name: Sarah Meister
Team: University of Missouri (College Volleyball)
Charges: Suspicion of Driving While Intoxicated, A Minor in Possession of Alcohol, A Traffic Violation

University of Missouri defensive player Sarah Meister was arrested Saturday (August 18, 2012) in Columbia, Missouri.

Meister, 19, was arrested at 12:40 a.m. after being pulled over for swerving into other lanes.

Meister, a sophomore, was suspended indefinitely from the team after this incident.

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Lauren Cook Arrested

Photo via deseretnews.com

Name: Lauren Cook
Team: University of Nebraska (College Volleyball)
Charges: Suspicion of Leaving the Scene of an Injury Accident, Driving Under Suspension

University of Nebraska setter Lauren Cook was arrested Sunday (October 30, 2011) in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Cook, 20, was arrested after striking a motorcycle that had pulled over to the side of the road and leaving the scene of an accident. One person on the motorcycle suffered a broken leg, while the other person was treated at the scene for abrasions.

Cook, a junior, is the daughter of University of Nebraska volleyball coach John Cook.

Kyle Kvasnicka Arrested

Photo via ocweekly.com

Name: Kyle Kvasnicka
Team: Concordia University Irvine (College Women’s Volleyball)
Charge: Suspicion of Internet Luring of a Child

Concordia University Irvine women’s volleyball head coach Kyle Kvasnicka was arrested Friday (April 8, 2011) in Jefferson County, Colorado.

Kvasnicka, 30, allegedly engaged in sexually graphic communication with someone he believed to be an underage teen.

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