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Oklahoma State University Wrestler Edward Klimara Arrested

Name: Edward Klimara
Team: Oklahoma State University (College Wrestling)
Charges:  Possession of Cocaine, Public Drunkenness

Oklahoma State University wrestler Edward Klimara was arrested early Saturday (March 22, 2014) morning in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Klimara was arrested around 12:30 a.m. after he was seen with a small bag containing a white powdery substance in a night club restroom. Police later determined that the powder was cocaine.

Klimara, 20, was dismissed from the wrestling team following this incident.

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Andrew Alton, Dylan Alton Cited

Names: Andrew Alton, Dylan Alton
Team: Penn State University (College Wrestling)
Cited For: Disorderly Conduct, Public Drunkenness, Harassment

Penn State University wrestlers Andrew Alton and Dylan Alton were cited early Friday (December 21, 2012) morning in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania.

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Alex Meyer, Connor Ryan Arrested

Photos via hawkeyesports.com (Left to Right: Meyer & Ryan)

Names: Alex Meyer, Connor Ryan
Team: University of Iowa (College Wrestling)
Charges: Illegally Hunting Rabbits

University of Iowa wrestlers Alex Meyer and Connor Ryan were arrested Tuesday (November 20, 2012) night in Iowa City, Iowa.

Meyer and Ryan, both freshman, were arrested for illegally hunting rabbits on campus. They allegedly used BB guns and air rifles during the hunt.

Meyer and Ryan, both 18, were suspended indefinitely from the team following this incident.

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Shakir Smith, Patrick Martinez Arrested

Photos via wyomingathletics.com (Left to Right: Smith & Martinez)

Names: Shakir Smith, Patrick Martinez
Smith – University of Wyoming (College Basketball)
Martinez – University of Wyoming (College Wrestling)
Smith – Larceny
Martinez – Conspiracy to Commit Larceny

University of Wyoming basketball player Shakir Smith and wrestler Patrick Martinez were arrested Tuesday (October 23, 2012) in Laramie, Wyoming.

Smith and Martinez were arrested for their alleged involvement in a burglary that occurred on September 29.

Smith and Martinez have been dismissed from their respective teams following this incident.

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Kyle Crutchmer Arrested

Photo via kjrh.com

Name: Kyle Crutchmer
Team: Oklahoma State University (College Wrestling)
Charges: Threatening an Act of Violence, Malicious Injury to Property

Oklahoma State University wrestler Kyle Crutchmer was arrested Friday (September 7, 2012) in Tulsa County, Oklahoma.

Crutchmer, 19, was arrested after turning himself in for allegedly threatening to kill a man. He also is accused of punching the man’s vehicle.

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Nate Baker Arrested

Photo via msumdragons.com

Name: Nate Baker
Team: Minnesota State University Moorhead (College Wrestling)
Charges: Driving While Intoxicated With a Blood-Alcohol Reading of 0.08 Within Two Hours of Driving, Operating a Motor Vehicle Under the Influence of Alcohol, Driving With a Cancelled License

Minnesota State University Moorhead assistant wrestling coach Nate Baker was arrested early Thursday (May 24, 2012) in Moorhead, Minnesota.

Baker was arrested after being pulled over for driving through a flashing red light. Baker had a blood-alcohol content of 0.173 percent. His driver’s license was revoked in 2006 after having three DUI convictions in 2005 and 2006.

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Bobby Telford Arrested

Photo via hawkeyesports.com

Name: Bobby Telford
Team: University of Iowa (College Wrestling)
Charge: Public Intoxication

University of Iowa wrestler Bobby Telford was arrested Friday (April 20, 2012) in Iowa City, Iowa.

Telford, 20, was arrested after an incident outside a bar. Police said Telford smelled of alcohol and appeared to be intoxicated.

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Warner Phipps Arrested

Photo via cornellbigred.com

Name: Warner Phipps
Team: Cornell University (College Wrestling)
Charges: Second-Degree Burglary, Menacing, Criminal Possession of a Weapon

Cornell University wrestler Warner Phipps was arrested Saturday (March 31, 2012) in Ithaca, New York.

Phipps, 23, was arrested for allegedly threatening a female neighbor with a gun on Wednesday (March 28, 2012). Phipps entered an off-campus apartment brandishing a long gun. He threatened the victim with the gun while looking for the victim’s female roommate, who was hiding in another part of the complex.

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Cole Welter Arrested

Photo via go-knights.net

Name: Cole Welter
Team: Wartburg College (College Wrestling)
Charge: First-Offense Operating While Intoxicated

Wartburg College wrestler Cole Welter was arrested early Sunday (March 25, 2012) in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Welter, 20, was arrested after being pulled over for a traffic violation.

Zachary Skates Arrested

Photo via ocolly.com

Name: Zachary Skates
Team: Oklahoma State University (College Wrestling)
Charge: Suspicion of Burglary From an Automobile

Oklahoma State University wrestler Zachary Skates was arrested early Wednesday (March 14, 2012) morning in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Skates was arrested after police received a call about a suspicious male checking vehicles in a OSU parking lot. Police found various items and $26 in Skates’ possession.

Skates, 19, was later released after he posted $1,500 bond.


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