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Kris Blanks Arrested

Photo via palmbeachpost.com

Photo via palmbeachpost.com

Name: Kris Blanks
Known For: Professional Golfer (PGA Tour)
Charge: Carrying a Concealed Weapon

Professional golfer Kris Blanks was arrested Sunday (June 30, 2013) morning in Palm Beach, Florida.

Blanks, 40, was arrested at the Palm Beach International Airport after security officials found a handgun (.40-caliber Glock 27) inside his carry-on bag.

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Matthew Giles Arrested

Photo via phoenixnewtimes.com

Name: Matthew Giles
Known For: Professional Golfer (PGA’s Nationwide Tour)
Charge: Extreme Driving Under the Influence

Nationwide Tour golfer Matthew Giles was arrested Monday (April 16, 2012) night in Gilbert, Arizona.

Giles, 22, was arrested after he was allegedly speeding when he tried to make a left-hand turn and crashed into a single-family residence.

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Rachel Connor Arrested

Photo via tmz.com

Name: Rachel Connor
Known For: Professional Golfer
Charge: Driving Under the Influence

Professional golfer Rachel Connor was arrested Wednesday (March 7, 2012) in Sarasota, Florida

Connor, 21, was arrested at 2:21 a.m. after being pulled over for speeding and weaving in her lane. Police could smell alcohol coming from the vehicle as they approached and she admitted to drinking two drinks earlier in the evening. Connor was given a breathalyzer test and blew a .133 and a .137. Former NFL player Eddie George was a passenger in the vehicle.

Steve Thomas Arrested

Photo via pgatour.com

Name: Steve Thomas
Known For: Professional Golfer
Charges: Attempted Lewd & Lascivious Battery on a Child; Travel to Seduce Child to Commit Sex Acts; Use of Computer to Seduce/Solicit/Entice a Parent, Legal Guardian or Custodian of Child to Commit Sex Acts on the Child

Professional golfer Steve Thomas was arrested in Kissimmee, Florida.

Thomas, 55, was one of 40 people arrested in an undercover internet child sex sting. Detectives posed as juveniles, parents or guardians in online chat rooms and instant messaging programs, luring suspects to a location with the purpose of having sex with a minor.

Jeff Overton Arrested

Photo via courierpress.com

Name: Jeff Overton
Known For: Professional Golfer (PGA)
Charges: Resisting Law Enforcement, Public Intoxication, Disorderly Conduct
Story: 28

Professional golfer Jeff Overton was arrested Saturday (December 10, 2011) in Bloomington, Indiana.

Overton was arrested after the Indiana-Kentucky basketball game. He was at the game to present a check for $50,000 to Indiana University for the Play Golf America University program. After the game, Overton was allegedly yelling at people from his limousine. Police told the driver to move because he was blocking traffic and the driver moved. Later, police pulled over the limousine because Overton was shouting from the vehicle again. Police attempted to get Overton to step out of the vehicle, but he repeatedly refused to get out of the vehicle and also would not give his identification to police.

Overyon, 28, was later released after posting $500 bond.

Wayne Perske Arrested

Photo via hbc.co.jp

Name: Wayne Perske
Known For: Professional Golfer
Charge: Suspicion of Cocaine Possession

According to latimes.com, professional golfer Wayne Perske was arrested early Saturday (October 23, 2010) in Chiba, Japan.

Perske, 36, is suspected of possessing 1.25 grams of cocaine at a bar after a customer at the bar told police that a foreigner had a suspicious substance. Police searched Perske and found the substance.


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