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Robert Garfield Arrested

Name: Robert Garfield
Team: University of Cincinnati
Charge: Disorderly Conduct

According to cincinnati.com, University of Cincinnati Bearcats mascot Robert Garfield was arrested Saturday (December 4, 2010) in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Garfield was involved in a snowball fight with the crowd during the football game (University of Pittsburgh at University of Cincinnati) around 1 p.m. When police asked Garfield to stop, he allegedly pushed the officer and was arrested.

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Clint Gyory Arrested

Photo via mcall.com

Name: Clint Gyory
Team: Penn State University
Charges: Underage Drinking, Public Drunkenness and Criminal Mischief

According to Frank Warner of the Morning Call, Penn State University Nittany Lion mascot Clint Gyory was arrested August 1, 2010 in State College, Pennsylvania.

The charges were filed on August 24. Gyory was out celebrating his 20th birthday, where he had been drinking alcoholic beverages. He broke off a mirror from a vehicle, then passed out in the bed of a pickup truck. He took a breathalyzer test which measured his blood-alcohol content at .18 and was taken into custody around 3 a.m.

Gyory, a junior, was suspend for one month from his mascot duties as a result of this incident.


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