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Ben Foden Arrested

Photo via northampton saints.co.uk

Name: Ben Foden
Team: Northampton Saints
Charge: Suspicion of Criminal Damage

Northampton Saints full-back Ben Foden was arrested early Monday (March 28, 2011) morning in London, England.

Foden, 25, was arrested along with a friend around 3:30 a.m. after an altercation with a taxi driver.

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Greg Johnson Arrested

Photo via giantsrl.com

Name: Greg Johnson
Team: Huddersfield Giants (Super League)
Charge: Suspicion of Assault

Huddersfield Giants winger Greg Johnson was arrested Sunday (February 13, 2011) in Huddersfield, United Kingdom.

Johnson was at a local bar around 1 a.m. and allegedly grabbed 26-year-old Belinda Coldwell as she walked to the bathroom. Coldwell slapped Johnson in the face and Johnson grabbed a glass from Coldwell’s fiance and launched the glass in Coldwell’s face. Coldwell ended up with a black eye, a cut from her left eye to the bridge of her nose and had to undergo surgery for a ripped iris. (Picture of Coldwell’s injuries)

Johnson, 20, was later released on bail pending further police inquiries.

Ryan Tandy Arrested

Photo via bulldogs.com.au

Name: Ryan Tandy
Team: Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs (National Rugby League)
Charge: Providing False Evidence to a Law Enforcement Agency

Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs front-rower Ryan Tandy was arrested Wednesday (February 2, 2011) in Sydney, Australia.

Police are investigating betting irregularities during the August 24, 2010 match between Canterbury and North Queensland. There was a betting plunge on the first points of the game being from a penalty, with suspicions raised about Tandy’s role after he was penalized for lying on an opponent in front of the goal posts. He was arrested after searches at several homes in Sydney, which police confiscated documents and mobile phones.

Robert Lui Arrested

Photo via weeklytimes.com.au

Name: Robert Lui
Team: Wests Tigers (National Rugby League)
Charges: Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm, Detain Person with Intent to Obtain Advantage, Choke with Intent to Commit an Indictable Offense, Aggravated Robbery, 2 Counts of Common Assault

According to newstalkzb.co.nz, Wests Tigers halfback Robert Lui was arrested Sunday (September 2010) in Sydney, Australia.

Lui, 20, allegedly attacked his girlfriend, who is believed to be three months pregnant, between 4am and 5am. He also allegedly took his girlfriends cell phone. The girlfriend suffered facial injuries in the attack. She filed a complaint with police and Lui turned himself police. He was charged with a total of nine charges. Six of the charges relate to Sunday’s incident, while the other three charges are alleged to have occurred on two dates in May.

Lui was later released on $6000 bail and told not to have contact with his girlfriend. He is scheduled to appear in court on November 15.

Johnathan Thurston Arrested

Photo via cowboys.com.au

Name: Johnathan Thurston
Team: North Queensland Cowboys (National Rugby League)
Charge: Public Nuisance

According to Robyn Ironside of the Herald Sun, North Queensland Cowboys captain Johnathan Thurston was arrested early Thursday (September 16, 2010) morning in Brisbane, Australia.

Thurston, 27, and two other rugby players were ejected from the Treasury Casino around 4 a.m. for disturbing patrons with a walking crutch. They allegedly laughed at police and ignored police requests to stop play wrestling beside a taxi.

Thurston was later released and is due to appear in court on October 6.

Jacobus “Bees” Roux Arrested

Photo via griquas.co.za

Name: Jacobus “Bees” Roux
Team: South Africa’s Blue Bulls (Rugby)
Charge: Murder and Suspicion of Drunken Driving

According to Gerald Imray of the Republic, Blue Bulls prop JacobusBees” Roux was arrested early Friday (August 27, 2010) in Pretoria, South Africa.

Roux was charged with the murder of 38-year-old policeman Sergeant Ntshimane Mogale on Monday (August 30, 2010). Roux was pulled over by Mogale for suspicion of drunk driving around 2 a.m. While Mogale was driving Bees home, an altercation occurred between the two men, which resulted in Mogale’s death. Mogale’s body was discovered on a street with injuries to his head. Roux claims someone was trying to steal his car and he acted in self defense.

Roux, 28, is expected back in court on October 15.


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