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NFL Network Analyst, Former NFL Player Darren Sharper Arrested

Name: Darren Sharper
Known For: NFL Network Analyst, Former NFL Player
Charge: Suspicion of Rape

Former NFL defensive back and current NFL Network analyst Darren Sharper was arrested on Friday (January 17, 2014) in Los Angeles, California.

Sharper is accused of two sexual assaults, one that occurred in October 2013 and another in January 2014.

Sharper, 38, was later released on $200,000 bail.

Sharper played 14 seasons in the NFL with the Green Bay Packers (1997–2004), the Minnesota Vikings (2005–08), and the New Orleans Saints (2009–10). Sharper has been working as an analyst for NFL Network. He has been suspended without pay following his arrest.

UPDATE: Sharper was charged on Friday (February 14, 2104).

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Phoenix Suns Broadcaster Tom Chambers Arrested

Photo via kpho.com

Photo via kpho.com

Name: Tom Chambers
Team: Phoenix Suns (NBA)
Charges: Suspicion of Driving Under the Influence, Failure to Drive in a Single Lane, Driving a Vehicle in a Bicycle Path

Former NBA Player and current Phoenix Suns broadcaster Tom Chambers was arrested Saturday (December 7, 2013) night in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Chambers, 54, was arrested after being pulled over for weaving in a bicycle lane. He admitted to drinking earlier in the evening and police found two opened alcoholic beverages inside the vehicle. Chambers refused to take a field sobriety test.

Chambers played 16 years in the NBA with the San Diego Clippers (1981–83), Seattle SuperSonics (1983–88), Phoenix Suns (1988–1993), Utah Jazz (1993–95), Charlotte Hornets (1997) and Philadelphia 76ers (1997). He is currently in his 12th season on FOX Sports Arizona.

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Miguel Perez Quintana Arrested

Photo via azcentral.com

Photo via azcentral.com

Name: Miguel Perez Quintana
Team: Arizona Diamondbacks (MLB)
Charges: Aggravated Assault With a Deadly Weapon, Intimidation, Criminal Damage

Arizona Diamondbacks Spanish-language play-by-play announcer Miguel Perez Quintana was arrested on Wednesday (July 17, 2013) in Phoenix, Arizona.

Quintana and his wife got in an argument about him going through her cellphone when he allegedly grabbed a knife from the kitchen and threatened to kill her Monday (July 15, 2013) night.

Quintana, 53, was suspended by team following this incident.

Al Michaels Arrested

Photo via deadspin.com

Photo via deadspin.com

Name: Al Michaels
Known For: Sportscaster
Charges: Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol, Driving With a Blood Alcohol Level of .08 or More

NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” play-by-play announcer Al Michaels was arrested Friday (April 19, 2013) night in Santa Monica, California.

Michaels, 68, was arrested after being pulled over after police at a DUI checkpoint saw him make an illegal U-turn.

Mark Grace Arrested

Photo via kpho.com

Name: Mark Grace
Known For: Former MLB First Baseman and Current Arizona Diamondbacks TV Analyst
Charge: Driving Under the Influence

Former MLB first baseman and current Arizona Diamondbacks TV analyst Mark Grace was arrested Thursday (August 23, 2012) night in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Grace, 48, was arrested after being pulled over for having an expired license plate. He failed a field sobriety test.

The Diamondbacks announced that Grace is taking a indefinite leave of absence.

Deion Sanders Cited

Photo via scrapetv.com

Name: Deion Sanders
Known For: Former NFL Player/ Current TV Personality
Cited For: Misdemeanor Simple Assault

Former NFL cornerback and current NFL Network analyst Deion Sanders was cited in Prosper, Texas.

Sanders was cited after an altercation with his estranged wife, Pilar Sanders. She was arrested Monday (April 23, 2012) on a misdemeanor domestic violence charge.

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Mike Milbury

Photo via usatoday.com

Name: Mike Milbury
Known For: Former NHL Player/Head Coach/General Manager, Current NHL Analyst
Charges: Assault and Battery on a Child, Threats to Commit a Crime, Disorderly Conduct

Former NHL player/head coach/general manager and current NHL analyst Mike Milbury was charged in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Milbury was charged after a December 9th inciden in which Milbury was an assistant coach on his son’s hockey team when he allegedly attacked a player on the opposing team at the end of the game. Milbury’s son and a player on the opposing team got into a scrape on the ice and Milbury allegedly charged out onto the rink and verbally berated and grabbed and shook the 12-year-old opposing player.

Milbury, 59, played 12 seasons in the NHL with the Boston Bruins (1975-87). He served as head coach of the Boston Bruins (1989-91) and the New York Islanders (1995-99). Also, he served as general manager of the New York Islanders (1996-2006).

Matthew Barnaby Arrested

Photo via wkbw.com

Name: Matthew Barnaby
Known For: Former NHL Right Winger and Current ESPN Hockey Analyst
Charge: Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)

Former NHL player and current ESPN hockey analyst Matthew Barnaby was arrested Monday (December 5, 2011) morning in Clarence, New York.

Barnaby was arrested around 3:15 a.m. after police responded to a call of an SUV driving erratically without a front tire. Barnaby was behind the wheel of the SUV and driving on a rim, which caused sparks. Barnaby failed several field sobriety tests and refused a breathalyzer test, which as a result his driver’s license was immediately revoked.

Barnaby, 38, was arrested back on May 13, 2011 following an incident with his estranged wife and her boyfriend. He later pleaded guilty to reduced misdemeanor charges.

Barnaby was fired from his analyst job with ESPN after this incident.

Spero Dedes Arrested

Photo via mediabistro.com

Name: Spero Dedes
Known For: New York Knicks TV and Radio Announcer
Charge: Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)

New York Knicks TV and radio announcer Spero Dedes was arrested Sunday (July 3, 2011) in Southampton, New York.

Dedes, 32, was stopped by police at 4:12 a.m. for speeding. Police found that Dedes was intoxicated.

Dedes was hired by the Knicks in June 2011, replacing Mike Crispino. He was an announcer for the Los Angeles Lakers from 2005-2011.

Mark Grace Arrested

Photo via abc15.com

Name: Mark Grace
Known For: Former MLB First Baseman and Current Arizona Diamondbacks TV Analyst
Charge: Suspicion of Driving Under the Influence

Former MLB first baseman and current Arizona Diamondbacks TV analyst Mark Grace was arrested Monday (May 30, 2011) in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Grace was pulled over after police saw him weaving and making a wide right turn. Grace admitted to having a few drinks.

Grace, 46, played in the MLB for the Chicago Cubs (1988-2000) and Arizona Diamondbacks (2001-03).


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