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Monthly Roundup – December 2011

Arrest Nation recorded 53 arrests/citations/charges in December 2011. Here is a closer look at the statistics for December 2011:

Sports Categories (Highest Number of Arrests to Lowest Number of Arrests)

1. College Football18 Arrests/Citations (Duke WilliamsAlex Twine, Mike Caputo, Cliff Harris 3, Roy Finch, Eric Martin, Christian Littlehead, Jonathan Rush, Dwayne Beckford, Greg Scruggs, Avis Commack, Arrington Jenkins, Gerald Kemp, Gerald Gooden, Will Lucas, Cody Journell, Sean Progar, Anthony Johnson)
2. College Basketball13 Arrests (Jamee Jackson, David Johnson, Nate Gause, Ben McLemore, Gage Wooten, Joe Northington, Chris Gayot, Miles Gatewood, Marin Petric, Kellindra ZackeryCollege Basketball Player 1, Kellindra Zackery 2, Aaric Murray)
3. Former9 Arrests/Charges (David Boston, Matthew Barnaby 2, Jerry Sandusky, Antwan Odom, Mike Milbury, Justin Belotti, Mitch Goertz, Kenny Watkins Jr., Troy Smith)
4. Pro Football4 Arrests/Citations (Rolando McClain, Igor Olshansky, Sam Hurd, Benny Sapp)
T5. Pro Baseball2 Arrests (James Loney, Juan Carlos Oviedo)
T5. Soccer2 Arrests (Lee Cattermole, Nicklas Bendtner)
T5. TV Personality2 Arrests/Charges (Matthew Barnaby, Mike Milbury)
T6. Boxing1 Arrest (Kelly Pavlik)
T6. Coach1 Arrest (Robert Francis)
T6. College Baseball - 1 Arrest (Robert Francis)
T6. College Hockey1 Arrest (Corey Trivino)
T6. College Wrestling1 Arrest (Montell Marion)
T. Golf1 Arrest (Jeff Overton)

Teams (Highest Number of Arrests to Lowest Number of Arrests)

T1. Newman University – 3 Arrests (Kellindra Zackery, College Basketball Player 1, Kellindra Zackery 2)
T1. Purdue University – 3 Arrests (Dwayne Beckford, Gerald Gooden, Will Lucas)
T1. Quinnipiac University – 3 Arrests (Jamee Jackson, David Johnson, Nate Gause)
T2. Florida State University – 2 Arrests (Avis Commack, Arrington Jenkins)
T2. Northern Illinois University – 2 Arrests (Sean Progar, Anthony Johnson)
T2. Oklahoma State University – 2 Arrests/Citations (Christian Littlehead, Jonathan Rush)
T2. Sunderland Association Football Club - 2 Arrests (Lee Cattermole, Nicklas Bendtner)
T2. University of Nebraska – 2 Arrests (Mike Caputo, Eric Martin)
T3. Boston University - 1 Arrest (Corey Trivino)
T3. Chicago Bears – 1 Arrest (Sam Hurd)
T3. Los Angeles Dodgers – 1 Arrest (James Loney)
T3. Miami Marlins - 1 Arrest (Juan Carlos Oviedo)
T3. Minnesota Vikings - 1 Citation (Benny Sapp)
T3. Oakland Raiders - 1 Arrest (Rolando McClain)
T3. St. Petersburg College -  1 Arrest (Robert Francis)
T3. University of Iowa – 1 Arrest (Montell Marion)
T3. University of Kansas – 1 Arrest (Ben McLemore)
T3. University of Louisville – 1 Arrest (Greg Scruggs)
T3. University of Maryland – 1 Arrest (Alex Twine)
T3. University of Montana – 1 Charge (Gerald Kemp)
T3. University of Nevada – 1 Arrest (Duke Williams)
T3. University of Oklahoma – 1 Citation (Roy Finch)
T3. University of Oregon – 1 Citation (Cliff Harris 3)
T3. Virginia Tech or Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University  – 1 Arrest (Cody Journell)
T3. West Virginia University – 1 Arrest (Aaric Murray)

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