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Monthly Roundup – October 2011

Arrest Nation recorded 41 arrests/citations in October 2011. Here is a closer look at the statistics for October 2011:

Sports Categories (Highest Number of Arrests to Lowest Number of Arrests)

1. College Football - 22 Arrests/Citations (A.J. Derby, Cornelius Washington, Colin Ferring, Trevyn Smith, Peter St. Fort, Dominic Clarke, Willie Simmons, Marcus Roberson, Matthew Goodwin, Brian Wiksten, Joshua Fant, Brent Calloway, Ben Pister, Gerald Kemp, Trumaine Johnson, Ivory Herd, Cliff Harris 2, Laaulialemalietoa “Lawrence” Tuioti, J.D. Dothard, Tony Kibler, Alexander Berdahl)
T2. College Basketball4 Arrests (Alvin “P.J.” Boutte, RaShawn Polk, Reginald Middleton, Gideon Gamble)
T2. College Rugby4 Arrests (Jacob Hetzer, Michael Boyd, Rithichai Phothisuk, Joel Zollars)
T3. Pro Football - 3 Arrests (Johnny Jolly 2, Ryan McBean, Chris Cook)
T3. Soccer3 Arrests (McCall Zerboni, Barry Bannan, Nile Ranger 2)
T4. Coach2 Arrests (Trevyn Smith, Willie Simmons)
T4. College Baseball2 Arrests (Jordan Etier, Michael Syrett)
T4. Pro Baseball2 Arrests (Jordan Schafer, Drew Pomeranz)
T5. College Lacrosse1 Arrest (Kevin Drew)
T5. College Volleyall1 Arrest (Lauren Cook)

Teams (Highest Number of Arrests to Lowest Number of Arrests)

1. California University of Pennsylvania – 4 Arrests (Jacob Hetzer, Michael Boyd, Rithichai Phothisuk, Joel Zollars)
2. Bridgewater State University – 3 Arrests (Matthew Goodwin, Brian Wiksten, Joshua Fant)
T3. University of Montana – 2 Arrests (Gerald Kemp, Trumaine Johnson)
T3. Winthrop University - 2 Arrests (Reginald Middleton, Gideon Gamble)
T4. Aston Villa Football Club -  1 Arrest (Barry Bannan)
T4. Coe College – 1 Arrest (Colin Ferring)
T4. Colorado Rockies – 1 Arrest (Drew Pomeranz)
T4. Colorado State University – 1 Arrest (Ivory Herd)
T4. Denver Broncos – 1 Arrest (Ryan McBean)
T4. Georgetown College – 1 Arrest (Michael Syrett)
T4. Green Bay Packers – 1 Arrest (Johnny Jolly 2)
T4. Houston Astros – 1 Arrest (Jordan Schafer)
T4. Indiana University – 1 Arrest (Peter St. Fort)
T4. Indiana University of Pennsylvania – 1 Arrest (Alexander Berdahl)
T4. Middle Tennessee State University – 1 Arrest (Willie Simmons)
T4. Minnesota Vikings - 1 Arrest (Chris Cook)
T4. Missouri Western State University – 1 Arrest (Ben Pister)
T4. Newcastle United – 1 Arrest (Nile Ranger 2)
T4. Ohio State University – 1 Arrest (Dominic Clarke)
T4. Syracuse University – 1 Arrest (Kevin Drew)
T4. Towson University – 1 Arrest (RaShawn Polk)
T4. University of Alabama – 1 Arrest (Brent Calloway)
T4. University of Detroit Mercy – 1 Arrest (Alvin “P.J.” Boutte)
T4. University of Florida – 1 Arrest (Marcus Roberson)
T4. University of Georgia - 1 Arrest (Cornelius Washington)
T4. University of Iowa – 1 Arrest (A.J. Derby)
T4. University of Nebraska - 1 Arrest (Lauren Cook)
T4. University of Oregon – 1 Citation (Cliff Harris 2)
T4. University of South Florida – 1 Arrest (Tony Kibler)
T4. University of Tennessee at Chattanooga – 1 Arrest (J.D. Dothard)
T4. University of Texas – 1 Arrest (Jordan Etier)
T4. Washington State University – 1 Arrest (Laaulialemalietoa “Lawrence” Tuioti)
T4. Weber State University - 1 Arrest (Trevyn Smith)
T4. Western New York Flash – 1 Arrest (McCall Zerboni)

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