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Texas A&M University Edward Pope, Gavin Stansbury, Howard Matthews Jr. Arrested

Photos via kbtx.com (Left to Right: Pope, Stansbury, Matthews)

Photos via kbtx.com (Left to Right: Pope, Stansbury, Matthews)

Names: Edward Pope, Gavin Stansbury, Howard Matthews Jr.
Team: Texas A&M University (College Football)
Arrested For:
Pope – Failure to Appear Warrant
Stansbury – Assault Warrant
Matthews – Speeding, Failure to Exhibit Driver’s License, Failure to Appear Warrants

Texas A&M University wide receiver Edward Pope, defensive lineman Gavin Stansbury, and defensive back Howard Matthews Jr. were arrested on Thursday (April 10, 2014) in College Station, Texas.

The three men were arrested on outstanding warrants after a traffic stop. Pope, who was driving, was pulled over around 11:40 p.m. for an expired registration. Police discovered a warrant when they ran his license. When Pope requested that Stansbury or Matthews be allowed to take the vehicle home instead of it being towed, police discovered that Stansbury had a warrant for his arrest and Matthews was wanted on three warrants.

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Four University of Missouri Athletes Arrested

Names: Shaun Rupert, Aaron Penton, Shane Rector, Wes Clark
Rupert, Penton – University of Missouri (College Football)
Rector, Clark – University of Missouri (College Basketball)
Charges: Suspicion of Possessing Fewer Than 35 Grams of Marijuana

University of Missouri football players Shaun Rupert, Aaron Penton and basketball players Shane Rector, Wes Clark were arrested on Saturday (March 15, 2014) in Columbia, Missouri.

The athletes were arrested around 11:30 p.m. following a traffic stop. Rupert, who was the driver, was stopped for having an expired rear license plate tag. Police allegedly found a package of cigarillos in the vehicle that tested positive for marijuana.

Rector and Clark were suspended from the basketball team and Rupert and Penton were suspended from the football team following this incident.

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Texas A&M University Defensive Lineman Isaiah Golden, Linebacker Darian Claiborne Arrested

Names: Isaiah Golden, Darian Claiborne
Team: Texas A&M University (College Football)
Golden: Possession of Two Ounces or Less of Marijuana
Claiborne: Disorderly Conduct

Texas A&M University defensive lineman Isaiah Golden and linebacker Darian Claiborne were arrested on Saturday (February 22, 2014) in Bryan, Texas.

Golden, a freshman, had 32 tackles in 12 games last season. Claiborne had 89 tackles, 2 forced fumbles and an interception in 12 games.

Several Current and Former University of Tennessee Football Players Busted

Names:  A.J. Johnson, Danny O’Brien, Curt Maggit, Daniel Sola, Justin Coleman, Malik Brown, Jakob Johnson, Dontavius Blair, Dimarya Mixon, Jalen Reeves-Maybin, Isaac Mobley, Dontavis Sapp
Known For:
Johnson, O’Brien, Maggit, Sola, Coleman, Brown, Johnson, Blair, Mixon, Reeves-Maybin: University of Tennessee (College Football)
Mobley, Sapp: Former University of Tennessee Football Player
Charges/Cited For:
Johnson, Sapp: Providing Alcohol to Minors, Resisting Arrest
O’Brien: Underage Consumption of Alcohol, Resisting Arrest, False Impersonation
Mobley, Sola, Coleman, Brown, Mixon, Blair: Underage Consumption of Alcohol
Reeves-Maybin, Johnson, Magitt: Providing Alcohol to Minors

Ten current University of Tennessee football players and two former UT football players were arrested/cited early Sunday (February 9, 2014) morning in Knoxville, Tennessee.

The current/former football players were busted at a large party at an off-campus apartment complex.

Former UT football players Dontavis Sapp and Isaac Mobley along with current linebacker A.J. Johnson and defensive lineman Danny O’Brien were all arrested.

Current players Daniel Sola, defensive back Justin Coleman, defensive lineman Malik Brown, linebacker Jakob Johnson, linebacker Curt Maggit, offensive lineman Dontavius Blair, linebacker Jalen Reeves-Maybin and defensive lineman Dimarya Mixon were all cited.

Chipola College Basketball Players Cinmeon Bowers, Jamaar McKay, Torian Graham Arrested

Photos via jcfloridan.com

Photos via jcfloridan.com

Names: Cinmeon Bowers, Jamaar McKay, Torian Graham
Team: Chipola College (College Basketball)
Charges: Tampering with Evidence

Chipola College forward Cinmeon Bowers, guards Jamaar McKay and Torian Graham were arrested Thursday (January 16, 2014) night in Marianna, Florida.

The men were arrested around 9:30 p.m. following a traffic stop. During the stop, police smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle. Bowers, McKay and Graham allegedly ate the marijuana in an attempt to conceal it from the police.

All three players have been suspended indefinitely following this incident.

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University of Maine Baseball Players Luke Morrill, Shane Bussey Arrested

Photos via goblackbears.com

Photos via goblackbears.com (Left to Right: Morrill & Bussey)

Names: Luke Morrill, Shane Bussey
Team: University of Maine (College Baseball)
Charges: Burglary

University of Maine pitcher Luke Morrill and infielder Shane Bussey were arrested Saturday (December 7, 2013) evening in Orono, Maine.

Morrill, 20, and Bussey, 19, were arrested after they allegedly broke into a campus shed and stole tools. They allegedly took two axes and a hatchet.

Both men were suspended indefinitely from the team following this incident.

Morrill had a 2-1 record with a 5.12 ERA in 15 games last season. Bussey hit .340 with 1 home run and 12 RBIs in 20 games.

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Purdue University Wide Receivers Jordan Woods, B.J. Knauf Arrested

Photo via purdue.edu

Photo via purdue.edu

Names: Jordan Woods, B.J. Knauf
Team: Purdue University (College Football)
Charges: Theft

Purdue University wide receivers Jordan Woods and B.J. Knauf were arrested Monday (September 30, 2013) in Lafayette, Indiana.

Woods, 19, and Knauf, 20, were arrested around 5:30 p.m. for allegedly shoplifting at a Kohl’s store. They had allegedly stole two tie bars, valued at $20 each.

Knauf has 9 receptions for 95 yards and rushed 11 times for 90 yards in 5 games this season. Woods has not appeared in a game this season.

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UConn Hockey Players Billy Latta, Patrick Kirtland, Ben Oskroba Arrested

Photo via uconn.edu

Photo via uconn.edu

Names: Billy Latta, Patrick Kirtland, Ben Oskroba
Team: University of Connecticut (College Hockey)

University of Connecticut hockey players Billy Latta, Patrick Kirtland and Ben Oskroba were arrested Saturday (August 31, 2013) night in Storrs Mansfield, Connecticut.

The three men were arrested after allegedly getting in a fight with two other men outside a convenience store.

All five men involved were arrested, but were not charged.

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August 2013 Monthly Roundup

Arrest Nation recorded 45 arrests/citations/charges in August 2013. Here is a closer look at the statistics for August 2013:

Sports Categories

1. College Football – 13 arrests/citations/charges (Leon Allen, Shadrach Thornton, Tevin Drake, Joe Williams, Chris Boyd, Hud Mellencamp, Ty Smith, Demetruce McNeal, Geno Smith, Sean Price, Jake Reed, Larenzo Fisher, Greg Windham)
2. Former – 11 arrests/citations/charges (Craig Ehlo, Chuck DarbyLuke Petitgout, Brandon Vandenburg, Brandon Banks, Tip McKenzie, Cory Batey, Johnny Estrada, David Terrell, Keith Bulluck, Josh Melton)
3. Pro Football – 7 arrests/citations/charges (Megan Welter, Cedric Griffin, Joe McKnight, Maurice Stovall, Von Miller, Nigel Bradham, Greg Little)
4. Pro Basketball – 5 arrests/citations/charges (Michael Beasley, Bob Beyer, Ty Lawson, Mike Budenholzer, Lamar Odom)
5. Minor League Baseball – 3 arrests/citations/charges (Michael Mason, Jesse Meau, Daniel Tuttle)
T6. Coach – 2 arrests/citations/charges (Bob Beyer, Mike Budenholzer)
T6. College Basketball – 2 arrests/citations/charges (Chris Bolden, Elijah Pittman)
T7. Pro Baseball – 1 arrests/citations/charges (Daniel Tuttle)
T7. College Lacrosse – 1 Arrest (J.T. Foltz)
T7. College Volleyball – 1 arrests/citations/charges (Nikki Box)
T7. Miscellaneous – 1 arrests/citations/charges (Curtis Malone)
T7. Wrestling – 1 arrests/citations/charges (Kurt Angle)


T1. Asheville Tourists - 2 Arrests (Michael Mason, Jesse Meaux)
T1. Ohio University – 2 Arrests (Larenzo Fisher, Greg Windham)
T2. Appalachian State University - 1 Arrest (Sean Price)
T2. Arizona Cardinals – 1 Arrest (Megan Welter)
T2. Atlanta Hawks - 1 Arrest (Mike Budenholzer)
T2. Auburn University - 1 Arrest (Demetruce McNeal)
T2. Ball State university – 1 Charge (Nikki Box)
T2. Buffalo Bills – 1 Charge (Nigel Bradham)
T2. Charlotte Bobcats – 1 Arrest (Bob Beyer)
T2. Cincinnati Reds – 1 Arrest (Daniel Tuttle)
T2. Cleveland Browns – 1 Citation (Greg Little)
T2. Denver Broncos – 1 Arrest (Von Miller)
T2. Denver Nuggets – 1 Arrest (Ty Lawson)
T2. Duke University – 1 Charge (Hud Mellencamp)
T2. Georgia Tech – 1 Arrest (Chris Bolden)
T2. Indiana University – 1 Charge (Ty Smith)
T2. Marshall University – 1 Charge (Elijah Pittman)
T2. New York Jets – 1 Arrest (Joe McKnight)
T2. North Carolina State University – 1 Arrest (Shadrach Thornton)
T2. Phoenix Suns – 1 Arrest (Michael Beasley)
T2. State University of New York College at Cortland – 1 Arrest (J.T. Foltz)
T2. University of Alabama – 1 Arrest (Geno Smith)
T2. University of Connecticut – 1 Arrest (Joe Williams)
T2. University of Oklahoma – 1 Arrest (Jake Reed)
T2. Vanderbilt University – 1 Charge (Chris Boyd)
T2. Western Kentucky University – 1 Arrest (Leon Allen)
T2. Western Michigan university – 1 Arrest (Tevin Drake)

July 2013 Monthly Roundup

Arrest Nation recorded 52 arrests/citations/charges in July 2013. Here is a closer look at the statistics for July 2013:

Sports Categories (Highest Number of Arrests to Lowest Number of Arrests)

1. College Football – 28 Arrests/Charges/Citations (Grant Van Aman, Deshazor Everett, Floyd Raven, Marshall Morgan, Wes Brown, D.J. Key, Faysal Shafaat, Kasen Williams, Ashely Lowery, Khalid Thomas, Pancho Thomas, Marcus Baugh, Kedrick Rhodes, Will Ritter, Kass Everett, Korey Harris, J.D. Jones, Rodney O’Neal, Marcus Robinson, Antonio Morrison, Londell Taylor, Tim Gardner, Bradley Roby, Patrick Onwuasor, Barry Brunetti, Richard Spencer, Tyler Hasty, Kadeem Jones)
2. Pro Football – 8 Arrests/Charges (Dan Connor, Matt Russell, Tom Heckert, Kaluka Maiava, Alfonzo Dennard, Quentin Saulsberry, Eric Wright, Jamie Harper)
3. Former – 6 Arrests (Ray Small, Monty Grow, Brian Lawton, Randall Mackey, Erik Ainge, Graham Wilbert)
4. College Basketball – 4 Arrests/Citations (Marshall Henderson, Shaq Johnson, Brannen Greene, P.J. Hairston)
T5. Pro Baseball – 2 Arrests (Chad Gaudin, Miguel Perez)
T5. Pro Basketball – 2 Arrests (Daniel “Boobie” Gibson, Terrence Jones)
T6. Golf – 1 Arrest (Kris Blanks)
T6. Minor League Baseball – 1 Arrest (Alex Machillanda)

Teams (Highest Number of Arrests to Lowest Number of Arrests)

T1. Denver Broncos – 3 Arrests (Matt Russell, Tom Heckert, Quentin Saulsberry)
T1. Middle Tennessee State University – 3 Arrests (J.D. Jones, Rodney O’Neal, Marcus Robinson)
T1. Ohio State University – 3 Arrests (Marcus Baugh, Tim Gardner, Bradley Roby)
T1. University of Kentucky – 3 Citations (Ashely Lowery, Khalid Thomas, Pancho Thomas)
T2. Texas A&M University – 2 Charges (Deshazor Everett, Floyd Raven)
T2. University of Florida – 2 Arrests (Grant Van Aman, Antonio Morrison)
T2. University of Mississippi – 2 Arrests/Citations (Marshall Henderson, Barry Brunetti)
T2. University of Oklahoma – 2 Arrests/Citations (Kass Everett, Londell Taylor)
T2. University of Tennessee at Chattanooga – 2 Arrests/Citations (D.J. Key, Faysal Shafaat)
T3. Arizona Diamondbacks – 1 Arrest (Miguel Perez)
T3. Auburn University – 1 Arrest (Shaq Johnson)
T3. Florida International University – 1 Arrest (Kedrick Rhodes)
T3. Houston Rockets - 1 Arrest (Terrence Jones)
T3. New England Patriots – 1 Arrest (Alfonzo Dennard)
T3. New York Giants – 1 Arrest (Dan Connor)
T3. Oakland Raiders – 1 Charge (Kaluka Maiava)
T3. Oregon State University – 1 Arrest (Tyler Hasty)
T3. San Francisco Giants – 1 Arrest (Chad Gaudin)
T3. St. Lucie Mets – 1 Arrest (Alex Machillanda)
T3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 1 Arrest (Eric Wright)
T3. University of Arizona – 1 Arrest (Patrick Onwuasor)
T3. University of Georgia – 1 Arrest (Marshall Morgan)
T3. University of Kansas – 1 Citation (Brannen Greene)
T3. University of Maryland – 1 Arrest (Wes Brown)
T3. University of North Carolina – 1 Citation (P.J. Hairston)
T3. University of Texas at El Paso – 1 Arrest (Richard Spencer)
T3. University of Texas at San Antonio – 1 Arrest (Will Ritter)
T3. University of Washington – 1 Citation (Kasen Williams)
T3. West Virginia University – 1 Arrest (Korey Harris)
T3. Western Kentucky University – 1 Arrest (Kadeem Jones)


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