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March 2014 Monthly Roundup

Arrest Nation recorded 30 arrests/citations/charges in March 2014. Here is a closer look at the statistics for March 2014:

Sports Categories

1. College Football – 13 arrests/citations/charges (Austin Brown, Daquawn Brown, Shaun Rupert, Aaron Penton, Tray Matthews, Jonathan Taylor, James DeLoach, Uriah LeMay, Ira Denson, Na’ty Rodgers, Jamaal Williams, Jakwail Bailey, Kenny Hill, Mark Thomas)
2. Pro Football – 5 arrests/citations/charges (Jah Reid, Zedric Joseph, Jim Irsay, Adewale Ojomo, Chris Culliver)
T3. Former – 4 arrests/citations/charges (Darren Sharper, John Moffitt, Ben Wallace, Javarris James)
T3. College Basketball – 4 arrests/citations/charges (Shane Rector, Wes Clark, J.J. Frazier, Tony Bagtas)
T4. College Baseball – 1 arrest/citations/charge (Zach Sims)
T4. College Wrestling – 1 arrest/citation/charge (Edward Klimara)
T4. Pro Baseball – 1 arrest/citation/charge (Jon Denney)


1. University of Georgia – 6 Arrests/Citations/Charges (Tray Matthews, Jonathan Taylor, James DeLoach, Uriah LeMay, J.J. Frazier, Zach Sims)
2. University of Missouri – 4 Arrests/Citations/Charges (Shaun Rupert, Aaron Penton, Shane Rector, Wes Clark)
3. Washington State University – 2 Arrests/Citations/Charges (Austin Brown, Daquawn Brown)
T4. Baltimore Ravens – 1 Arrest/Citation/Charge (Jah Reid)
T4. Boston Red Sox – 1 Arrest/Citation/Charge (Jon Denney)
T4. Brigham Young University – 1 Arrest/Citation/Charge (Jamaal Williams)
T4. Florida State University – 1 Arrest/Citation/Charge (Ira Denson)
T4. Indianapolis Colts – 1 Arrest/Citation/Charge (Jim Irsay)
T4. Oklahoma State University - 1 Arrest/Citation/Charge (Edward Klimara)
T4. Old Dominion University – 1 Arrest/Citation/Charge (Jakwail Bailey)
T4. San Francisco 49ers – 1 Arrest/Citation/Charge (Chris Culliver)
T4. Tennessee Titans – 1 Arrest/Citation/Charge (Adewale Ojomo)
T4. Texas A&M University – 1 Arrest/Citation/Charge (Kenny Hill)
T4. University of Kansas - 1 Arrest/Citation/Charge (Mark Thomas)
T4. University of Pennsylvania – 1 Arrest/Citation/Charge (Tony Bagtas)
T4. University of South Carolina – 1 Arrest/Citation/Charge (Na’ty Rodgers)

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February 2014 Monthly Roundup

Arrest Nation recorded 38 arrests/citations/charges in February 2014. Here is a closer look at the statistics for February 2014:

Sports Categories

1. College Football – 22 arrests/citations/charges (A.J. Johnson, Danny O’Brien, Curt Maggit, Daniel Sola, Justin Coleman, Malik Brown, Jakob Johnson, Dontavius Blair, Dimarya Mixon, Jalen Reeves-Maybin, Danny Webster, Gabe Marks, Channing Ward, Denzel Nkemdiche, Serderius Bryant, Daquawn Brown, Dominique Swope, LaDarius Brown, Vavae Tata, Isaiah Golden, Darian Claiborne, Jeffrey Hall, Samuel Marshall)
2. Former – 6 arrests/citations/charges (Dontavis Sapp, Isaac Moble, Keith McCants, Dee Hart, Artrell Hawkins, Bucky Richardson)
3. Pro Football – 4 arrests/citations/charges (Ray Rice, Roddy White, Fred Davis, Deonte Thompson)
4. College Basketball – 3 arrests/citations/charges (Stevie Clark, Hanner Mosquera-Perea, Monte Morris)
T5. Coach – 1 arrests/citations/charges (Vavae Tata)
T5. Pro Basketball – 1 arrest/citation/charge (Raymond Felton)
T5. Mixed Martial Arts1 arrests/citations/charges (Thiago Silva)


1. University of Tennessee - 10 Arrests/Citations/Charges (A.J. Johnson, Danny O’Brien, Curt Maggit, Daniel Sola, Justin Coleman, Malik Brown, Jakob Johnson, Dontavius Blair, Dimarya Mixon, Jalen Reeves-Maybin)
2. University of Mississippi – 3 Arrests/Citations/Charges (Channing Ward, Denzel Nkemdiche, Serderius Bryant)
T3. Baltimore Ravens – 2 Arrests/Citations/Charges (Ray Rice, Deonte Thompson)
T3. Texas A&M University - 2 Arrests/Citations/Charges (Isaiah Golden, Darian Claiborne)
T3. Washington State University – 2 Arrests/Citations/Charges (Gabe Marks, Daquawn Brown)
T4. Atlanta Falcons – 1 Arrest/Citation/Charge (Roddy White)
T4. College of William and Mary – 1 Arrest/Citation/Charge (Samuel Marshall)
T4. East Carolina University – 1 Arrest/Citation/Charge (Danny Webster)
T4. Georgia Southern University – 1 Arrest/Citation/Charge (Dominique Swope)
T4. Indiana University - 1 Arrest/Citation/Charge (Hanner Mosquera-Perea)
T4. Iowa State University – 1 Arrest/Citation/Charge (Monte Morris)
T4. New York Knicks – 1 Arrest/Citation/Charge (Raymond Felton)
T4. Oklahoma State University – 1 Arrest/Citation/Charge (Stevie Clark)
T4. Texas Christian University - 1 Arrest/Citation/Charge (LaDarius Brown)
T4. University of Colorado – 1 Arrest/Citation/Charge (Jeffrey Hall)
T4. Vanderbilt University – 1 Arrest/Citation/Charge (Vavae Tata)
T4. Washington Redskins – 1 Arrest/Citation/Charge (Fred Davis)

January 2014 Monthly Roundup

Arrest Nation recorded 33 arrests/citations/charges in January 2014. Here is a closer look at the statistics for January 2014:

Sports Categories

1. College Football – 11 arrests/citations/charges (Dorial Green-Beckham, Shaq Wiggins, Demarco Robinson, Tony Brown, Kenneth Durden, Alan Barnwell, Chris Solomon, Marcus Baugh, Travis Hughes, Levi Copelin, Bobby Hill)
T2. Former – 7 arrests/citations/charges (Reche Caldwell, Carl Pickens, Javaris Crittenton, Jarvis Moss, Darren Sharper, Terry Kinard, B.J. Askew)
T2. Pro Football – 7 arrests/citations/charges (Erin Henderson, Michael Hill, Kellen Winslow Jr., Spencer Ware, Akeem Spence, Davone Bess, Daniel Kilgore)
3. College Basketball – 6 arrests/citations/charges (Stevie Clark, Christin Mercer, Cinmeon Bowers, Jamaar McKay, Torian Graham, Brian Shorter)
T4. Coach – 1 arrests/citations/charges (Brian Shorter)
T4. College Golf – 1 arrest/citation/charge (Greyson Sigg)
T4. TV Personality – 1 arrest/citation/charge (Darren Sharper)
T4. Mixed Martial Arts1 arrest/citation/charge (Tito Ortiz)


1. Chipola College – 3 Arrests/Citations/Charges (Cinmeon Bowers, Jamaar McKay, Torian Graham)
T2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 2 Arrests/Citations/Charges (Michael Hill, Akeem Spence)
T2. University of Georgia - 2 Arrests/Citations/Charges (Greyson Sigg, Shaq Wiggins)
T2. University of Kentucky – 2 Arrests/Citations/Charges (Demarco Robinson, Brian Shorter)
T2. University of Missouri – 2 Arrests/Citations/Charges (Dorial Green-Beckham, Levi Copelin)
T3. Cleveland Browns – 1 Arrest/Citation/Charge (Davone Bess)
T3. Minnesota Vikings – 1 Arrest/Citation/Charge (Erin Henderson)
T3. New York Jets – 1 Arrest/Citation/Charge (Kellen Winslow Jr.)
T3. Ohio State University – 1 Arrest/Citation/Charge (Marcus Baugh)
T3. Oklahoma State University – 1 Arrest/Citation/Charge (Stevie Clark)
T3. San Francisco 49ers – 1 Arrest/Citation/Charge (Daniel Kilgore)
T3. Seattle Seahawks – 1 Arrest/Citation/Charge (Spencer Ware)
T3. University of Alabama – 1 Arrest/Citation/Charge (Tony Brown)
T3. University of Florida - 1 Arrest/Citation/Charge (Christin Mercer)
T3. University of Mississippi – 1 Arrest/Citation/Charge (Bobby Hill)
T3. University of North Carolina – 1 Arrest/Citation/Charge (Travis Hughes)
T3. University of North Carolina at Charlotte – 1 Arrest/Citation/Charge (Alan Barnwell)
T3. University of Nevada – 1 Arrest/Citation/Charge (Chris Solomon)
T3. University of South Florida – 1 Arrest/Citation/Charge (Kenneth Durden)

Yearly Roundup – 2013

ArrestNation recorded 405 arrests/citations/charges in 2013.

Here is a closer look at the statistics for 2013:

Arrests/Citations/Charges by Month (Arrests Recorded by ArrestNation)

January 201329 Arrests/Citations/Charges
February 201352 Arrests/Citations/Charges
March 201334 Arrests/Citations/Charges
April 201330 Arrests/Citations/Charges
May 201342 Arrests/Citations/Charges
June 201323 Arrests/Citations/Charges
July 201352 Arrests/Citations/Charges
August 201345 Arrests/Citations/Charges
September 201336 Arrests/Citations/Charges
October 201321 Arrests/Citations/Charges
November 201325 Arrests/Citations/Charges
December 201323 Arrests/Citations/Charges

Sports Categories

1. College Football174 Arrests/Charges/Citations
2. Pro Football71 Arrests/Citations/Charges
3. Former50 Arrests/Citations/Charges
4. College Basketball49 Arrests/Citations/Charges
5. Pro Basketball19 Arrests/Citations/Charges
6. Pro Baseball12 Arrests/Citations/Charges
7. College Baseball11 Arrests/Citations/Charges
T8. Coach6 Arrests/Citations/Charges
. College Hockey6 Arrests/Citations/Charges
. Minor League Baseball6 Arrests/Citations/Charges
9. College Lacrosse4 Arrests/Citations/Charges
10. Soccer3 Arrests/Citations/Charges
T11. College Volleyball2 Arrests/Citations/Charges
. Miscellaneous 2 Arrests/Citations/Charges
. Pro Hockey2 Arrests/Citations/Charges
T12. Athletic Director1 Arrests/Citations/Charges
. College Water Polo1 Arrests/Citations/Charges
. Golf1 Arrests/Citations/Charges
. Olympics1 Arrests/Citations/Charges
. Racing – 1 Arrests/Citations/Charges
. Tennis1 Arrests/Citations/Charges
. Track and Field1 Arrests/Citations/Charges
. TV Personality1 Arrests/Citations/Charges
. Wrestling1 Arrests/Citations/Charges


T1. Middle Tennessee State University8 Arrests
. University of Oklahoma 8 Arrests/Citations/Charges
. Washington State University8 Arrests

T2. Denver Broncos7 Arrests/Citations
. University of Alabama7 Arrests
. University of Connecticut7 Arrests

T3. Cleveland Browns6 Arrests/Citations
. Motlow State Community College6 Arrests
. Texas A&M University6 Arrests/Charges
. University of Florida6 Arrests

T4. Minot State University5 Arrests
. University of Georgia5 Arrests
. University of Montana5 Arrests
. West Virginia University5 Arrests

T5. Arizona Cardinals4 Arrests
. Chicago Bears4 Arrests
. Cincinnati Bengals4 Arrests
. Louisiana State University4 Arrests
. New York Jets4 Arrests
. North Carolina State University4 Arrests/Citations
. University of Arkansas4 Arrests
. University of Kansas4 Arrests
. University of Kentucky4 Arrests/Citations
. University of Mississippi4 Arrests/Citations
. University of Pittsburgh 4 Arrests/Charges

T6. Appalachian State University3 Arrests
. Auburn University3 Arrests
. Iowa State University3 Arrests
. Marshall University3 Arrests/Charges
. Middle Tennessee State University3 Arrests
. Minnesota Vikings3 Arrests
. Oakland Raiders3 Arrests/Charges
. Ohio State University3 Arrests
. Phoenix Suns3 Arrests/Citations
. Purdue University3 Arrests
. San Francisco 49ers3 Arrests/Charges
. Syracuse University3 Arrests
. Tampa Bay Buccaneers3 Arrests
. University of Colorado3 Arrests
. University of Tennessee at Chattanooga3 Arrests/Citations
. University of Texas3 Arrests
. University of Texas at San Antonio3 Arrests
. West Liberty University3 Arrests
. Western Kentucky University3 Arrests

T7. Arizona State University2 Arrests
. Asheville Tourists2 Arrests
. Atlanta Falcons2 Arrests
. Baltimore Ravens2 Arrests
. Boston Celtics2 Arrests
. California University of Pennsylvania2 Arrests
. Central Michigan University2 Arrests/Charges
. Colorado Rockies2 Arrests
. Colorado State University2 Arrests
. Denver Nuggets2 Arrests
. Detroit Lions2 Arrests
. Florida International University2 Arrests
. Florida State University2 Arrests
. Indianapolis Colts2 Arrests
. Los Angeles Dodgers2 Arrests
. Mississippi State University2 Arrests
. New England Patriots 2 Arrests
. New Mexico State University2 Arrests
. New York Giants2 Arrests
Ohio University2 Arrests
Oregon State University2 Arrests
. San Francisco Giants2 Arrests/Citations
. Seattle Seahawks2 Arrests
. Tennessee State University2 Arrests
. Tennessee Titans2 Arrests
. University of Akron2 Arrests
. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)2 Arrests
. University of Charleston2 Arrests
. University of Maine2 Arrests
. University of Minnesota2 Arrests
. University of Nebraska2 Citations
. University of North Alabama2 Arrests
. University of North Carolina2 Arrests/Citations
. University of South Carolina2 Citations
. University of Washington2 Citations
Utah State University2 Arrests/Charges

T8. Arizona Diamondbacks1 Arrest
. Arsenal Football Club1 Arrest
. Atlanta Hawks1 Arrest
. Augusta State University1 Arrest
. Ball State University1 Charge
. Baylor University1 Arrest
. Boise State University1 Arrest
. Boston Red Sox1 Arrest
. Bowling Green State University1 Arrest
. Bradley University1 Arrest
. Buffalo Bills1 Arrest
. Charlotte Bobcats1 Arrest
. Chattanooga Lookouts1 Arrest
Cincinnati Reds1 Arrest
. Cleveland Indians1 Charge
. Colorado Avalanche1 Arrest
. Columbia University1 Arrest
. Dallas Cowboys1 Arrest
. Duke University1 Charge
. East Central University1 Arrest
. Eastern Michigan University 1 Arrest
. Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)1 Arrest
. Hamline University1 Arrest
. Highland Community College1 Arrest
. Hofstra University1 Arrest
. Houston Rockets 1 Arrest
. Indiana University1 Charge
. James Madison University1 Arrest
. Kansas City Chiefs1 Arrest
. Kansas State University1 Arrest
. Manchester City F.C.1 Arrest
. Marquette University1 Arrest
. Miami Marlins1 Arrest
. Milwaukee Brewers1 Arrest
. Montana State University1 Arrest
. Murray State University1 Arrest
. New Orleans Saints1 Arrest
. Newcastle United1 Arrest
. Northern Illinois University1 Arrest
. Oklahoma City Thunder 1 Arrest
. Oklahoma State University1 Arrest
. Old Dominion University1 Arrest
. Oral Roberts University1 Arrest
. Penn State University1 Charge
. Pepperdine University1 Arrest
. Philadelphia Eagles1 Arrest
. Pittsburgh Steelers - 1 Arrest
. Providence College1 Arrest
. Rutgers University1 Arrest
. San Antonio Rampage1 Arrest
. San Diego Chargers1 Arrest
. Siena College1 Arrest
. Spartanburg Methodist College1 Arrest
. St. Louis Rams1 Arrest
. St. Lucie Mets1 Arrest
. State University of New York College at Cortland (SUNY Cortland)1 Arrest
. Suffolk University1 Arrest
. Tampa Yankees1 Arrest
. Texas Christian University1 Arrest
. Texas State University1 Arrest
. Troy University1 Arrest
University of Arizona1 Arrest
. University of Central Florida1 Arrest
. University of Cincinnati1 Arrest
. University of Illinois1 Arrest
. University of Iowa1 Arrest
. University of Louisville1 Arrest
. University of Maryland1 Arrest
. University of Miami1 Arrest
. University of Michigan1 Arrest
. University of Missouri1 Arrest
. University of Nevada1 Arrest
. University of North Dakota1 Arrest
University of North Texas1 Arrest
. University of Notre Dame1 Arrest
. University of Oregon1 Arrest
. University of South Florida1 Arrest
. University of Southern California 1 Arrest
. University of Tennessee1 Arrest
. University of Texas at El Paso1 Arrest
. University of Utah1 Arrest
. University of Virginia1 Arrest
. University of Wyoming1 Arrest
. Utah Jazz1 Arrest
. Vanderbilt University1 Charge
. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech)1 Arrest
. Virginia State University1 Arrest
. Western Michigan University1 Arrest

Past Years Stats


December 2013 Monthly Roundup

Arrest Nation recorded 23 arrests/citations/charges in December 2013. Here is a closer look at the statistics for December 2013:

Sports Categories

1. College Football – 11 arrests/citations/charges (Travis Bell, Shadrach Thornton, J.J. Jones, Jadeveon Clowney, Taylor Richards, Donta Clanton, Dimitri Miles, Troy Hill, Devin Clarke, Darian Claiborne, Jadeveon Clowney)
T2. Former – 3 arrests/citations/charges (Tom Chambers, Richard Dumas, Marcus Vick)
T2. Pro Football – 3 arrests/citations/charges (Will Hill, Henry Melton, Thomas Keiser)
3. College Baseball – 2 arrests/citations/charges (Lucas Morrill, Shane Bussey)
T4. College Basketball – 1 arrests/citations/charges (Jarred Shaw)
T4. Pro Baseball – 1 arrests/citations/charges (Yasiel Puig)
T4. College Hockey – 1 arrest/citation/charge (Bryn Chyzyk)
T4. College Lacrosse - 1 arrest/citation/charge (Carl Walrath)
T4. Pro Basketball – 1 arrest/citation/charge (Tom Chambers)
T4. TV Personality – 1 arrest/citation/charge (Tom Chambers)


T1. North Carolina State University – 2 arrests/citations/charges (Shadrach Thornton, J.J. Jones)
T1. University of Maine - 2 arrests/citations/charges (Lucas Morrill, Shane Bussey)
T1. University of South Carolina – 2 arrests/citations/charges (Jadeveon Clowney, Jadeveon Clowney)
T2. Chicago Bears - 1 arrest/citation/charge (Henry Melton)
T2. Los Angeles Dodgers – 1 arrest/citation/charge (Yasiel Puig)
T2. Middle Tennessee State University – 1 arrest/citation/charge (Devin Clarke)
T2. New York Giants - 1 arrest/citation/charge (Will Hill)
T2. Purdue University - 1 arrest/citation/charge (Taylor Richards)
T2. San Diego Chargers – 1 arrest/citation/charge (Thomas Keiser)
T2. Texas A&M University - 1 arrest/citation/charge (Darian Claiborne)
T2. Texas State University – 1 arrest/citation/charge (Donta Clanton)
T2. Troy University – 1 arrest/citation/charge (Dimitri Miles)
T2. University of North Dakota – 1 arrest/citation/charge (Bryn Chyzyk)
T2. University of Oregon – 1 arrest/citation/charge (Troy Hill)
T2. University of Virginia – 1 arrest/citation/charge (Carl Walrath)
T2. Utah State University - 1 arrest/citation/charge (Jarred Shaw)
T2. West Virginia University – 1 arrest/citation/charge (Travis Bell)

November 2013 Monthly Roundup

Arrest Nation recorded 25 arrests/citations/charges in November 2013. Here is a closer look at the statistics for November 2013:

Sports Categories

1. College Football – 14 arrests/citations/charges (Justin Scott-Wesley, Marcus Collins, Kenneth Marshall, Chester Su’a, Larry Alston III, Trey Foster, Daniel Brooks, Lamont Britt, Torian White, Anthony Lazard, Jon Ellis, Matt Sinclair, Darrien Boone, Kevin Grooms)
2. Pro Football – 6 arrests/citations/charges (D.C. Jefferson, Jerome Simpson, Dwayne Bowe, Jason Snelling, A.J. Jefferson, Erin Henderson)
3. College Basketball – 2 arrests/citations/charges (Rachel Mitchell, Crystal Bradford)
T4. Pro Baseball - 1 arrests/citations/charges (Charlie Monfort)
T4. Soccer – 1 arrests/citations/charges (Nicklas Bendtner)


1. Minnesota Vikings – 3 arrests/citations/charges (Jerome Simpson, A.J. Jefferson, Erin Henderson)
T2. Central Michigan University – 2 arrests/citations/charges (Crystal Bradford, Darrien Boone)
T2. Iowa State University – 2 arrests/citations/charges (David Irving), Anthony Lazard)
T2. Texas A&M University – 2 arrests/citations/charges (Kenneth Marshall, Rachel Mitchell)
T3. Arizona Cardinals – 1 arrest/citation/charge (D.C. Jefferson)
T3. Arsenal Football Club – 1 arrest/citation/charge (Nicklas Bendtner)
T3. Atlanta Falcons - 1 arrest/citation/charge (Jason Snelling)
T3. Colorado Rockies – 1 arrest/citation/charge (Charlie Monfort)
T3. Kansas City Chiefs – 1 arrest/citation/charge (Dwayne Bowe)
T3. Marshall University – 1 arrest/citation/charge (Kevin Grooms)
T3. Montana State University – 1 arrest/citation/charge (Jon Ellis)
T3. Old Dominion University – 1 arrest/citation/charge (Larry Alston III)
T3. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) – 1 arrest/citation/charge (Torian White)
T3. University of Georgia – 1 arrest/citation/charge (Justin Scott-Wesley)
T3. University of Illinois – 1 arrest/citation/charge (Matt Sinclair)
T3. University of Iowa – 1 arrest/citation/charge (Marcus Collins)
T3. University of Nebraska - 1 arrest/citation/charge (Trey Foster)
T3. University of Oklahoma – 1 arrest/citation/charge (Daniel Brooks)
T3. Virginia State University - 1 arrest/citation/charge (Lamont Britt)
T3. Washington State University - 1 arrest/citation/charge (Chester Su’a)

October 2013 Monthly Roundup

Arrest Nation recorded 22 arrests/citations/charges in October 2013. Here is a closer look at the statistics for October 2013:

Sports Categories

1. College Football – 14 arrests/citations/charges (B.J. Knauf, Jordan Woods, Emmitt Su’a-Kalio, Cameron Stingily, George Durant, Sean Price, Trey Metoyer, Walter Powell, Jeryl Brazil, Nadir Barnwell, A.J. Williams, Ryan Norton, Quay Evans, Kavahra Holmes)
T2. Former – 2 arrests/citations/charges (Bill Russell, Colt Lyerla)
T2. Pro Football – 2 arrests/citations/charges (Jon Sandusky, Aldon Smith)
T3. College Baseball – 1 arrest/citation/charge (Clay Bauer)
T3. College Basketball – 1 arrest/citation/charge (Chris Simmons)
T3. Pro Hockey – 1 arrest/citation/charge (Semyon Varlamov)
T3. Racing - 1 arrest/citation/charge (Travis Kvapil)


T1. Louisiana State University – 2 arrests/citations/charges (Jeryl Brazil, Kavahra Holmes)
T1. Purdue University – 2 arrests/citations/charges (B.J. Knauf, Jordan Woods)
T2. Appalachian State University - 1 arrest/citation/charge (Sean Price)
T2. Cleveland Browns – arrest/citation/charge (Jon Sandusky)
T2. Colorado Avalanche – 1 arrest/citation/charge (Semyon Varlamov)
T2. Mississippi State University – 1 arrest/citation/charge (Quay Evans)
T2. Murray State University – 1 arrest/citation/charge (Walter Powell)
T2. Norther Illinois University – 1 arrest/citation/charge (Cameron Stingily)
T2. Oregon State University – 1 arrest/citation/charge (Clay Bauer)
T2. Rutgers University – arrest/citation/charge (Nadir Barnwell)
T2. San Francisco 49ers – 1 arrest/citation/charge (Aldon Smith)
T2. Syracuse University – 1 arrest/citation/charge (Ryan Norton)
T2. University of Kentucky – 1 arrest/citation/charge (Chris Simmons)
T2. University of Louisville – 1 arrest/citation/charge (George Durant)
T2. University of Michigan – 1 arrest/citation/charge (A.J. Williams)
T2. University of Oklahoma - 1 arrest/citation/charge (Trey Metoyer)
T2. Washington State University – 1 arrest/citation/charge (Emmitt Su’a-Kalio)

September 2013 Monthly Roundup

Arrest Nation recorded 36 arrests/citations/charges in September 2013. Here is a closer look at the statistics for September 2013:

Sports Categories

1. College Football – 17 arrests/citations/charges (Bill Durkin, Claudy Mathieu, Thomas Armstrong, Kwajo Bonsu, Jesse Ili, Grant Jansen, Leon LaDeaux, Sherman Morris, Charles Sawyer, d’Vante Henry, Jeryl Brazil, Terrence Crowder, Ronald Blair, Matt Hermanson, Willie Mitchell, Ahmad Dixon, Braxton Lane)
2. Pro Football – 7 arrests/citations/charges (John Boyett, Julius Thomas, Ronnell Lewis, Von Miller, Greg Little, Aldon Smith, Adam “Pacman” Jones)
3. College Hockey – 4 arrests/citations/charges (Gabe Guertler, Patrick Kirtland, Billy Latta, Ben Oskroba)
4. Former – 3 arrests/citations/charges (Scott Spiezio, Hugh Douglas, Bernie Kosar)
T5. College Lacrosse - 2 arrests/citations/charges (Charley Gargano, Zachary Burgess)
T5. Pro Basketball – 2 arrests/citations/charges (DeAndre Liggins, Jared Sullinger)
T6. College Basketball – 1 arrests/citations/charges (Tyler Olander)
T6. Coach – 1 arrests/citations/charges (Bill Durkin)
T6. Miscellaneous – 1 arrests/citations/charges (Sherman Morris)


1. Minot State University – 5 arrests/citations/charges (Thomas Armstrong, Kwajo Bonsu, Jesse Ili, Grant Jansen, Leon LaDeaux)
2. University of Connecticut – 4 arrests/citations/charges (Patrick Kirtland, Billy Latta, Ben Oskroba, Tyler Olander)
3. Denver Broncos – 2 arrests/citations/charges (Julius Thomas, Von Miller)
T4. Appalachian State University – 1 arrests/citations/charges (Ronald Blair)
T4. Arizona State University – 1 arrests/citations/charges (Sherman Morris)
T4. Auburn University - 1 arrests/citations/charges (Zachary Burgess)
T4. Baylor University – 1 arrests/citations/charges (Ahmad Dixon)
T4. Boston Celtics – 1 arrests/citations/charges (Jared Sullinger)
T4. Bowling Green State University – 1 arrests/citations/charges (Bill Durkin)
T4. California University of Pennsylvania - 1 arrests/citations/charges (Claudy Mathieu)
T4. Cincinnati Bengals - 1 arrests/citations/charges (Adam “Pacman” Jones)
T4. Cleveland Browns – 1 arrests/citations/charges (Greg Little)
T4. Indianapolis Colts - 1 arrests/citations/charges (John Boyett)
T4. Louisiana State University - 1 arrests/citations/charges (Jeryl Brazil)
T4. Marquette University - 1 arrests/citations/charges (Charley Gargano)
T4. Oklahoma City Thunder – 1 arrests/citations/charges (DeAndre Liggins)
T4. San Francisco 49ers – 1 arrests/citations/charges (Aldon Smith)
T4. University of Central Florida - 1 arrests/citations/charges (Willie Mitchell)
T4. University of Cincinnati - 1 arrests/citations/charges (Braxton Lane)
T4. University of Colorado - 1 arrests/citations/charges (Terrence Crowder)
T4. University of Minnesota – 1 arrests/citations/charges (Gabe Guertler)
T4. University of Mississippi – 1 arrests/citations/charges (Charles Sawyer)
T4. University of Montana - 1 arrests/citations/charges (Matt Hermanson)
T4. West Virginia University – 1 arrests/citations/charges (d’Vante Henry)

Boston Celtics Forward Jared Sullinger Arrested

Photo via espn.com

Photo via espn.com

Name: Jared Sullinger
Team: Boston Celtics (NBA)
Charges: Assault and Battery, Malicious Destruction of Property, Witness Intimidation

Boston Celtics forward Jared Sullinger was arrested on Tuesday (September 3, 2013) in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Sullinger was arrested following a domestic situation with his girlfriend that occurred Saturday (August 31, 2013) evening.

Sullinger entered a plea of not guilty on Tuesday in Waltham District Court. He was released on $5,000 bail.

Sullinger, 21, averaged 6.0 points and 5.9 rebounds in 45 games last season.

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Oklahoma City Thunder Guard DeAndre Liggins Arrested

Photo via newsok.com

Photo via newsok.com

Name: DeAndre Liggins
Team: Oklahoma City Thunder (NBA)
Charges: Domestic Abuse in the Presence of a Minor Child, Domestic Assault and Battery With a Dangerous Weapon

Oklahoma City Thunder guard DeAndre Liggins was arrested Saturday (August 31, 2013) night in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Liggins, 25, averaged 1.5 points and 1.4 rebounds in 39 games last season.

UPDATE: All felony charges were dismissed on Wednesday (February 12, 2014).

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