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Monthly Roundup – January 2012

Arrest Nation recorded 26 arrests/citations/charges in January 2012. Here is a closer look at the statistics for January 2012:

Sports Categories (Highest Number of Arrests to Lowest Number of Arrests)

1. College Football11 Arrests/Charges/Citations (Chad Bumphis, Lucas Nix, Beau Donaldson, Earl Brooks 2, Dominic Clarke 2, Leon Orr, Ryan Trujillo, Sanders Commings, Terrel Hunt, Bo Wallace, Byron Jerideau)
2. College Basketball4 Arrests (Shala Hodges, Dundrecous Nelson, Dalonte Hill, Charlie Harper)
T3. Former3 Arrests (Shane Burton, Dre KirkpatrickOmar “El Gato” Ortiz)
T3. Coach3 Arrests (Darrell Armstrong, Dalonte Hill, Michael Giffin)
T4. Pro Football2 Arrests (Johnny Culbreath, Aldon Smith)
T5. College Baseball1 Arrest (Tanner Lovick)
T5. College Soccer1 Arrest (Michael Giffin)
T5. Golf1 Arrest (Steve Thomas)
T5. Pro Baseball1 Arrest (Fausto Carmona)
T5. Pro Basketball - 1 Arrest (Darrell Armstrong)
T5. Soccer - 1 Arrest (Stewart Downing)

Teams (Highest Number of Arrests to Lowest Number of Arrests)

T1. University of Mississippi – 2 Arrests (Dundrecous Nelson, Bo Wallace)
T1. University of South Carolina – 2 Arrests (Tanner Lovick, Byron Jerideau)
T2. Cleveland Indians – 1 Arrest (Fausto Carmona)
T2. Dallas Mavericks – 1 Arrest (Darrell Armstrong)
T2. Detroit Lions – 1 Arrest (Johnny Culbreath)
T2. East Carolina University – 1 Arrest (Shala Hodges)
T2. Iowa State University – 1 Arrest (Earl Brooks 2)
T2. Lamar University – 1 Arrest (Charlie Harper)
T2. Liverpool Football Club – 1 Arrest (Stewart Downing)
T2. Mississippi State University – 1 Arrest (Chad Bumphis)
T2. Ohio State University – 1 Citation (Dominic Clarke 2)
T2. San Francisco 49ers – 1 Arrest (Aldon Smith)
T2. Syracuse University – 1 Arrest (Terrel Hunt)
T2. University of Florida – 1 Arrest (Leon Orr)
T2. University of Georgia – 1 Arrest (Sanders Commings)
T2. University of Illinois at Chicago – 1 Arrest (Michael Giffin)
T2. University of Maryland – 1 Arrest (Dalonte Hill)
T2. University of Montana – 1 Arrest (Beau Donaldson)
T2. University of New Mexico – 1 Arrest (Ryan Trujillo)
T2. University of Pittsburgh – 1 Charge (Lucas Nix)

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