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Mike Milbury

Photo via usatoday.com

Name: Mike Milbury
Known For: Former NHL Player/Head Coach/General Manager, Current NHL Analyst
Charges: Assault and Battery on a Child, Threats to Commit a Crime, Disorderly Conduct

Former NHL player/head coach/general manager and current NHL analyst Mike Milbury was charged in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Milbury was charged after a December 9th inciden in which Milbury was an assistant coach on his son’s hockey team when he allegedly attacked a player on the opposing team at the end of the game. Milbury‚Äôs son and a player on the opposing team got into a scrape on the ice and Milbury allegedly charged out onto the rink and verbally berated and grabbed and shook the 12-year-old opposing player.

Milbury, 59, played 12 seasons in the NHL with the Boston Bruins (1975-87). He served as head coach of the Boston Bruins (1989-91) and the New York Islanders (1995-99). Also, he served as general manager of the New York Islanders (1996-2006).

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