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Jedidiah McGlasson and Jared Britton Arrested

Photo via channel3000.com (Britton-Left & McGlasson-Right)

Names: Jedidiah McGlasson and Jared Britton
Team: University of Wisconsin-Stout (College Hockey)
McGlasson – Felony Murder and Britton – Party to the Crime of Felony Murder

According to vancouversun.com, University of Wisconsin-Stout hockey players Jedidiah McGlasson and Jared Britton were arrested Thursday (September 23, 2010) in Menomonie, Wisconsin.

McGlasson, 21, and Britton, 23, allegedly were involved in the death of fellow student Bradley Simon. After an earlier verbal altercation inside a bar on Saturday (September 18), Simon was pushed off his bicycle. Simon crashed into a concrete wall, suffering serious head injuries and later died in the hospital on Thursday.

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